The Top 25 SOULCALIBUR VI Player of Season 1

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The Best of the Best!

Considering that the Season 1 of  SOULCALIBUR VI had now come to a close, we listed down the top 25 most successful players in the E-Sports scenery of the game starting from Major tournament East Coast Throwdown 2018 up to YUZU Winter Challenge 2k19. Covering 91 major tournaments that occurred along the globe, this are the players we found to be the among the bests of the best within SOULCALIBUR VI Fighting Game Community and the players we will look into going to Season 2. Without further ado, Let us start!

*For the rough draft: This was the file used as basis in making this list – SOULCALIBUR VI All Time – Top Players lalla

Honorable Mentions

Before we start the top 25, here are five players who deserve an honorable mention for their performance in various tournaments and were inches close in reaching the top 25:

Woahhzz (USA) – Despite establishing him as a legend within the SOULCALIBUR community, this player had been almost non-existent in this present itineration of the game. But when he does show-up, he makes sure to make a noise like when he ranked 4th in EVO 2019 with his Raphael getting past players like Linkorz, Kayane and Tamonegi to reach that spot.

Boom (USA) – A Manji master. This player had been exhibiting some of the most exciting performance with the character as seen in his 4th spot during Frosty Faustings XI where he successfully draw his match against Sandman during loser’s Semis. He also had a great performance during SCWI-LCQ getting the fourth spot showing his knowledge with different characters outside Yoshimitsu like Raphael and Voldo.

Tamonegi (Japan) – Can be considered as the 2nd best Maxi of the game. He is one of two (other one is Shen Chan) who reached the top 8 of both EVO events during 2019 showing consistent high caliber Maxi gameplay. Although great achievements as they are, his lack of presence in any other tournaments and a dissapointing Tokyo Battle Stage performance is what made him lose the inch-length of reaching the top 25.

JJJ (USA) – The best Amy player and possibly the only one known as of now who could use the character competitively during tournaments. Although his accomplishments were merely recent, he made serious noise when he eliminated Linkorz during the loser’s semis of Defend the North and swept him in the winner’s finals of East Coast Throwdown 2019. Although he failed to win those two tournaments, his recent performance with the character is interesting to see in the future.

Rikuto (USA) – The 2nd best Astaroth player who achieved something a few could boast wherein he managed to beat both Linkorz and Bluegod in a set. Staying away of playing Astaroth offensively, his approach is more on reading his opponents and making big reads and counters to dish out damage with Astaroth’s powerful grabs and attacks.

Now we are done in the honorable metions, let us get into who we believe are the top 25 most successful players during Season 1 of SOULCALIBUR VI!

The Top 25

  1. Shiwapon (Japan)

Main: Sophitia

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in SOULCALIBUR Asia League: Tokyo Battle Stage and 5th in EVO Japan

Description: To go straight to the point, this is just one of the few players who dominated Yuttoto twice in a first to five set in a top 8 tournament. This happened during the Tokyo Battle Stage of the SOULCALIBUR Asia League tour wherein he faced Yuttoto in the winner’s finals beating the latter in a commanding 3-0 sweep. He again met the Voldo master in the Grand Finals and again avoided the sweep by winning the 5th match dominantly. Boasting a patient and defensive Sophitia gameplay and a great 5th placing during EVO Japan, not only is Shiwapon one of the best SOULCALIBUR VI players in Japan but also in the world. For this reasons alone he managed to put his place among the top 25.

  1. DTN (France)

Main: Raphael

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in Battle For Humanity and 2nd in BRUSSELS Challenge Winter Fights

Description: Not only is DTN a legend among the SOULCALIBUR French Community being a former EVO champion, he is still one of its top and most consistent players in the present during the Season 1 of the SOULCALIBUR VI. He spearheaded as the top player of France on the game’s initial release date winning the Battle For Humanity over Raziel and 62 other entrants of the tournament. He continued his strong showing during BRUSSELLS Challenge Winter Fights which he reached the winner’s side of the Grand Finals exhibiting elite Raphael gameplay but fell to Keev in the finale. Although nowadays many players have reached or passed his level, no one can still deny he is a legend within the community and had a time of reign.

  1. Reptile (Canada)

Main: Nightmare

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in Local Area Network – École de Technologie Supérieure; 2nd in Canada Cup and Toryuken 8

Description: One of Canada’s pride and the country’s best Nightmare player. His greatness is seen when he won LAN-ETS over Oofmatic and his Azwel. His other most notable performance is the commanding reset he made during the Grand Finals in Canada Cup against Sonicfox, pushing the latter to ditch Cervantes and use Azwel, and during the Grand Finals of Toryuken 8 against PyroZamfir. Although he fell short in those two Grand Finals matches, his GF reset run in those two clearly showed how scary his Nightmare is when he got his engines going wherein he can perfectly show Nightmare’s potential to dish out high and explosive damage in short bursts to dominate and overwhelm his opponents.

  1. Mick (USA)

Main: Xianghua

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in Kumite in Tennessee and TNEA Arena at the Grand Ole Expo

Description: This player had already established himself as one of the franchise’s best players in the previous titles. At present, this player had not been going into tournaments and maybe in a hiatus. However, this does not diminish the fact that he could easily be considered the best Xianghua player during the game’s Season 1. Displaying a high calibur Xianghua, this player had beaten his opponents showing his great knowledge of the character by hitting his opponent with perfect launchers and continuing it with Xianghua’s stances to pressure his opponents. Moreover, he could find perfect opportunities to use Xianghua’s AGI’s to make lethal hits combos against his opponents. This gameplay of his can be clearly seen in his dominant win during Kumite in Tennessee over Xephukai and TNEA Arena over Arkslight.

  1. CLOB/Count Ravioli (USA)

Main: Astaroth

Most Notable Achievements: 2nd in Final Round and CEOtaku

Description: Easily the best Astaroth player not only in USA but also around the world, you would be a fool to face this player with lacklustre effort. Showing a bulldozing type of Astaroth gameplay, his playstyle has only one goal in mind, to CLOB you to death. His relentless assault of bullrushes and grabs could overwhelm any unprepared opponents. With such, playstyle, he managed to reach Runner-up positions during The Final Round and CEOtaku. Notably, in both tournaments, he defeated Party Wolf whom I think had never defeated him in their match-ups.

  1. RTD (USA)

Main: Seong Mi-Na and Azwel

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in MomoCon; 5th in DreamHack Atlanta and Final Round

Description: Like his friend Mick, this guy is also an established legend winning EVO 2004 in Soulcalibur II and had been one of the top players perhaps in all of the previous titles including Soul Blade. Even at present, his presence and skills can still be felt even considering the fact that he is the oldest player in this list. Starting the game with Azwel, his performance in the character was immediately shown by reaching the 5th place at DreamHack Atlanta 2018. Later on, he changed his character to Seong Mi-Na in which he still performed great by getting to the 5th place again in Final Round and winning Momocon over Cry-Wolv’s Azwel. A living legend, I will not be surprised if he could still compete at the top during the Season 2 of the game.

  1. Kayane (France)

Main: 2B and Xianghua

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in Celtic Throwdown, 2nd in Nantarena 18.2, and 3rd in YUZU Winter Challenge

Description: Kayane, regarded by many as the Queen Calibur, deserves such title as not only being one of the best promoters of the game but also its best players of all time. Like some players in this list, she had already established herself as a legend in the game and again made history as the first ever female competitor who reached the top 8 main stage in EVO 2019. Highly regarded as a great Xianghua player, she played the character in high level when she managed to be a runner-up with the character during Nantarena 18.2 losing the title to NOOBICYDE but still made a commanding reset and a close fight. Not only did she exhibited her skills as a player in Xianghua, she is also one of the top 2B players of the game as seen when she reached the top 8 of EVO using the character and winning her first championship in SOULCALIBUR VI in her win during Celtic Throwdown. This line of success will obviously be not her last as season 2 comes.

  1. HolyCarp (UK)

Main: Ivy

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in MBA Warriors Reborn, WeaponMaster and Revolver: Road to Celtic Throwdown

Description: This player had been dominating the UK SOULCALIBUR VI community with his Ivy. As the 2nd best performing Ivy player in tournaments, his dominance in UK is seen from the game’s initial release until today. The game’s first tournament ever – The MBA Warriors Reborn, was won by this man over fellow top UK player AndyrooSC. He continued his dominance in the region by winning WeaponMaster and Revolver: Road to Celtic Throwdown. Although he had a time where he was in hiatus, he is back into the game putting out guides and other stuffs. Moreover, it will not be surprising to see him back competing again.

  1. Sonicfox (USA)

Main: Azwel

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in Canada Cup; 2nd in East Coast Throwdown 2018; and 5th in DreamHack Atlanta 2018

Description: One of the all-time FGC greats and premier multi-game top player Sonicfox gave us great honor when he played the game early in its life. With his great talents, he established himself as one of the game’s early top players when he won Canada Cup and got runner-up position in East Coast Throwdown 2018 using Azwel/Cervantes in the former and Azwel in the latter. He also got 5th place in DreamHack Atlanta losing only to the eventual champion Party Wolf and was eliminated by top player Linkorz. Although his time with the game was short-lived, his success during that time is definitely worth noting.

  1. Shen Yuan (Singapore)

Main: Siegfried

Most Notable Achievements: 2nd in Thaiger Uppercut x SEA Major; 3rd in North-East Championships 19; and 4th in EVO Japan

Description: Considered as the “Other Shen” of Singapore, he carried the title with big pride for his country. Nowadays, he might be in character crisis as he struggles to rank higher in major tournaments using Talim and/or Xianghua. In his Siegfried days though, he was one of Asia’s top players or even the world when he managed to reach high rankings in some of the game’s biggest tournaments all around the globe like his 3rd place in NEC19 and 4th place in EVO Japan where he exhibited some of the most creative Siegfried gameplay and most awesome stance dancing the character could do. Even when he is rusty with the character, he managed to reach and reset his Grand Finals match-up with Japan’s Kamizono during Thaiger Uppercut x SEAM which shows just how good he is with the character.

  1. Xephukai (USA)

Main: Sophitia and Xianghua

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in DreamHack Atlanta 2019; 2nd in Kumite in Tennessee and Kumite in Texas

Description: One of SCV’s top players, he had a rougher path in SOULCALIBUR VI wherein he was up and down in his tournament placings. However, as clearly seen in his performances during the Kumite tournaments, he can show glimpses of his potential to dominate the game when he is in momentum. In DreamHack Atlanta 2019, he officially established himself as the best Sophitia player of the game and one of USA’s top players by showing flawless gameplay with the character to win the tournament coming from the loser’s side of the top 8. From the same performance, it might be an indication that he finally got his confidence back and could be a hint of more success in the future.

  1. PyroRaptor/PyroZamfir (Canada)

Main: Siegfried

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in Defend the North, Toryuken 8 and Canada East Championships

Description: During Season 1, PyroZamfir had established himself as Canada’s best SOULCALIBUR VI player with his Siegfried. As the 2nd best performing Siegfried in the world, this was plain to see in his performance in winning Canada East Championships despite being in loser’s in the Grand Finals and his dominating performance during Toryuken 8 against fellow top Canada player Reptile. He did not stop in Canada however as he also managed to “defend the north” during DtN where he dominated the tournament winning it over players like Linkorz and Incendiate in the top 8. Although after that he was not active in competing, he always make big noise whenever he reaches the top 8.

  1. Kamizono (Japan)

Main: Seong Mi-Na

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in Thaiger Uppercut x SEAM and 2nd in The Weapon Master; #3 in The SOULCALIBUR Asia League Rankings

Description: One of Asia’s most active competitor, Kamizono through his Seong Mi-Na had established himself as one of the region’s top players with his performances in getting the runner-up position in the Japan invitational The Weapon Master and 4th place during the South-East Asia Major. His top 3 position in the Rankings of SOULCALIBUR Asia League tour further cements his position among Asia’s top players. His achievemen of winning Thaiger Uppercut x SEAM over Singaporean Shen Yuan might be his greatest so far as he shown why he deserves the title of the best Seong Mi-Na player in the world.

  1. Sandman (USA)

Main: Azwel

Most Notable Achivements: 1st in Frosty Faustings XI; 3rd in Winter Brawl 3D Edition; 4th in Combo Breaker and Final Round

Description: Arguably the 3rd best performing Azwel in the world and also a decent Siegfried and Amy player in his own right. Sandman had been one of the top players early in the game’s life. With his knack of winning games in whatever means, he won Frosty Faustings XI against RichSticks by making it a Weapon Arts fest. He is also a regular top 8 performer in various tournaments with 4th placings in big USA tournaments Combo Breaker and Final Round and ranked 3rd in Winter Brawl 3D Edition.

  1. RichSticks (USA)

Main: Maxi

Most Notable Achievements: 2nd in Combo Breaker, Frosty Faustings XI and Community Effort Orlando 2019; 3rd in SOULCALIBUR World Invitational – Last Chance Qualifier

Description: The ultimate underdog. RickSticks is notably the best Maxi player in the World and the most successful non-champion in this list which is the main reason he did not cracked into the top 10. With his neutral-heavy Maxi, he accomplished Runner-up positions in Big Major Tournaments like Combo Breaker, Frosty Faustings XI and CEO 2019 and got 3rd spot in the Last Chance Qualifiers of SOULCALIBUR World Invitational. He also had in his resume wins over players like Sandman, Linkorz, Shen Chan and Skyll to further give you a hint on how his placings would be if he ever had trophies in his achievements.

  1. NOOBICYDE (France)

Main: Azwel

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in Kayane Session: Road to EVO, Ultimate Fighting Arena and YUZU Winter Challenge 2k19; 2nd in The Mixup

Description: The best Azwel player in the EU region and 2nd best in the World. It is also safe to say that he could be the most dominant SOULCALIBUR VI player in France so far despite the fact he is with Skyll and Keev in the country. The reason? majority of the latest tournaments in France was won dominantly by this man. His unblemished record during the Kayane Session: Road to EVO during the top 8, his strong performance over Skyll and Keev in Ultimate Fighting Arena, his win in YUZU Winter Challenge 2k19 and his 10-0 win in the round robin format of Predator Invitational against other France’s best cements this claim. Despite this however, the reason why he is in this spot is the fact that he has almost no presence in the international tournament scene in his resume and with his rather disappointing run in EVO 2019.

  1. Saiyne (USA)

Main: Ivy

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in Kumite in Texas; 2nd in the Last Chance Qualifier – SOULCALIBUR VI World Invitational, World Showdown of E-Sports and DreamHack Atlanta 2018

Description: Mr. Christmas tree himself. With his great punish game and peerless mastery of Ivy’s grabs, It comes to no surprise that Saiyne had established himself as the world’s best Ivy player with statement wins over top players like Linkorz, Bluegod and Shen Chan. Although he started out almost like an underdog with his tendency to finish 2nd in various tournaments, he got into this spot with his first win in Kumite in Texas where he dominated all opposition in his way. He continued his dominant display during the Last Chance Qualifier of SOULCALIBUR VI World Invitational by getting wins over former World Champion OmegaDR and EVO2013 (side tourney) Kinetic Clash but loss the tournament to eventual Champion Party Wolf. Regardless, he is a great player who could go toe to toe with the best of them.

  1. LoloMx (Mexico)

Main: Yoshimitsu

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in Final Round, 2nd in DreamHack Dallas and 3rd in SOULCALIBUR World Invitational

Description: Another established legend in this list, LoloMx had been consistently been one of the top players of the franchise having tournament wins in SOULCALIBUR IV and SOULCALIBUR V. His presence is also well known in SOULCALIBUR VI as the best Yoshimitsu player of the game as seen in his great performance in winning the Final Round getting through the top 8 against such a strong cast of USA players including Saiyne, Xephukai, Sandman, Party Wolf and CLOB. Moreover, he also had a very strong showing during DreamHack Dallas and the SOULCALIBUR World Invitational wherein Bluegod was the only one capable enough to eliminate him out of the tournament.

  1. Party Wolf (USA)

Main: Kilik and Various

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in DreamHack Atlanta 2018 and Last Chance Qualifier – SOULCALIBUR World Invitational; 2nd in North-East Championships 19; and 3rd in Final Round

Description: One of SOULCALIBUR VI’s early front-runners as the best player of the game in its early days due to exhibiting high level of playwith his Kilik which easily made him the best player of that character even today. Not only with Kilik, Party Wolf had also shown his knowledge and skills of the game with his capability to use other characters as counters to MUs when he won DreamHack Atlanta 2018 using Seong Mi-Na to counter Saiyne’s Ivy. He also had a strong showing during NEC19 but loss to Linkorz in the Grand Finals despite resetting the set. Although he had a dry run when he was in character crisis for a time, what he really needed was a return to Kilik which gained him back to success by winning the Last Chance Qualifier of SOULCALIBUR World Invitational. He continued his return at the top by eliminating EVO Champ Yuttoto during the World Tournaments and getting 2nd place in DreamHack Atlanta 2019.

  1. Shen Chan (Singapore)

Main: Cervantes

Most Notable Achievements: #1 in the SOULCALIBUR Asia League Rankings; 1st in VSMasters 2nd in EVO Japan, South-East Asia Major and Taipei Major; 3rd in Community Effort Orlando

Description: Singapore’s best and the world’s best Cervantes player. This player made history first during SOULCALIBUR V when he was the first Singaporean player to reach an EVO Grand Finals during EVO 2k12. He again reached that spot during EVO Japan 2019 but like his previous appearance, lost to Keev to earn the runner-up. However, it did not stop him in making his presence known around the world. With his great neutral and powerful punishment game. his #1 position in the SOULCALIBUR Asia League Tour was well-earned as he got to that spot by getting 1st place positions in VSMasters and 2nd place positions in South-East Asia Major and Taipei Major.

  1. Keev (France)

Main: Nightmare

Most notable Achievements: 1st in EVO Japan, VSfighting and BRUSSELS Tournaments (Winter Fights and Major Edition); 2nd in DreamHack Tours and Kayane Session tournaments (Road to EVO and September edition)

Description: No one can deny that Keev might have been the front-runner as the best player of the game during its early life and the current best Nightmare player in the World. This was plain to see with his display of control within the European tournaments by winning both BRUSSELS tournaments (Winter Fights and Major Edition) and VSFighting. He did not stop there as he also won EVO Japan (his greatest achievement yet) in dominant display getting pass players like Shiwapon, SHK and Shen Chan with his spacing-heavy Nightmare. Although the competition of the latest tournaments had been much harder for him, he could still play at an elite level when he got 2nd runner-ups during the Kayane Session tournaments (Road to EVO and September edition). Always an intimidating player to fight whenever and wherever.

  1. Bluegod (USA)

Main: Azwel

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in Community Effort Orlando, Summer Jam 13 and Norcal Regionals; 2nd in SOULCALIBUR World Invitational, EVO, April Annihilation and Texas Showdown

Description: As the best Azwel player in the world, this player easily established himself as one of the most threatening figure in every tournament he enters. With a continuing record of reaching the top 8 of ALL tournaments he participated, it is of no surprise that he is always a favorite to win considering his overwhelming Azwel. With a resume that includes wins in CEO, Summer Jam 13 and tournaments in California; and 2nd place positions in the game’s biggest tournaments like EVO and SOULCALIBUR World Invitationals, Bluegod is unquestioned one of the best during the Season 1 of SOULCALIBUR VI. Be careful whenever you face this guy.

  1. Linkorz (USA)

Main: Siegfried, Geralt and Groh

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in NEC19, Combo Breaker, East Coast Throwdown (2018&2019), April Annihilation and Texas Showdown; 2nd in Summer Jam 13

Description: A Golden Boy. Linkorz was a winner from the moment the game got released as he holds the title of the game’s Season 1 most decorated player with 8 major trophies won (NEC19, Combo Breaker, East Coast Throwdown 2018&2019, April Annihilation, Texas Showdown, Winter Brawl 3D Edition and North-West Majors 11). With such incomparable list of achievements, this player  always deserves a mention in topics/arguments on who the best players are in the game. As the best Siegfried and Geralt player (arguably Groh tournament-wise) in SOULCALIBUR VI, he dominated the E-Sports scene of the game from Day 1 until the final days of Season 1 and could go on equal terms against some of the best players around the world. Be ready when fighting him though as he cannot lose!

  1. Yuttoto (Japan)

Main: Voldo and Azwel

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in EVO, South-East Asia Major and the Weapon Master; and #2 in SOULCALIBUR Asia League

Description: Although this player does not join as much tournament as his peers within the top 10, Yuttoto and his Voldo was the winner of some of the biggest tournaments during the Season 1 of the game. This includes EVO 2019, the tournament which had the largest number of entrants in the history of the SOULCALIBUR Franchise. Need I say more? He is also the winner of SOULCALIBUR Asia League Finale South-East Asia Major and Japan invitational the Weapon Master. Considering this list of success, Yuttoto is not only the best Voldo player and Asian player but also one of the World’s best and most successful players.

  1. Skyll (France)

Main: Mitsurugi

Most Notable Achievements: 1st in SOULCALIBUR World Invitiational, World Showdown of E-Sports, The Mixup, Kayane Session (September edition), DreamHack Tours and Viennality; 2nd in Ultimate Fighting Arena and VersusFighting; 3rd in EVO

Description: The World Champion himself. With his fast reaction and reads as Mitsurugi, this guy had won the only 2 World Invitational tournaments of the game which gave out the most money prizes out of all tournaments so far. First was in the World Showdown of E-Sports 7 (or WSOE7) where he claimed the win over fellow top players Linkorz, Bluegod, Shen Chan, Saiyne, RichSticks, Sandman and Signia. Next up was during what could be regarded as the tournament closer of Season 1 in SOULCALIBUR World Invitational where he was officially crowned the World Champion of Season 1 against the best of the best around the globe which includes Yuttoto, Linkorz, Bluegod, Keev, Shen Chan, Party Wolf and LoloMx, dominating everyone who gets into his way into winning the World Championship. He is also no slouch when it comes to classic tournaments since he is also the champion of The MIXUP, one of the biggest if not the biggest tournament in Europe, DreamHack Tours, Kayane Session (September Edition), and Viennality. He also had strong showing in some of the biggest tournaments out there like his 3rd place at EVO 2019 and 2nd place at VSFighting, Ultimate Fighting Arena and YUZU Winter Challenge 2k19. Based on the aforementioned list of achievements, Skyll is officially the most successful player in the E-Sports scene of the game as well as the guy who stands at the top of the food chain.

Into the Second Season!

Now with Season 1 officially ended, we are now going to the next step that is the Second Season of SOULCALIBUR VI. With a lot of new moves, mechanics, characters, and contents added to the game, a lot of things will be changing as to the gameplay of each and every character of the game. New tiers will be made, new rivalries and stories will be told. Will the same players be standing in the top? or will be there be new champions on the rise? As we say goodbye to a great year and season for the game with full of love, support and memorable matches, let us all welcome as well this new season coming to us from the horizon.

Are You Ready?

Does Your Soul Still Burn?

Then let us all welcome this new Stage of History!


Top 10 Biggest Tournaments of Season 1

  1. SOULCALIBUR World Invitational (USA) – Invitational

  2. EVO 2019 (USA)– 746 entrants

  3. EVO JAPAN 2019 (Japan) – 288 entrants


  5. WORLD SHOWDOWN OF E-SPORTS 7 (USA) – Invitational

  6. COMBO BREAKER 2019 (USA) – 258 entrants

  7. FROSTY FAUSTINGS XI (USA) – 181 entrants

  8. DREAMHACK ATLANTA 2018 (USA) – 177 entrants

  9. CEO 2019 (USA) – 166 entrants

  10. FINAL ROUND 2019 (USA) – 129 entrants

Top 10 Best Matches during Season 1

  1. Yuttoto vs. Skyll (EVO 2019 Winner’s Finals)

  2. Yuttoto vs. Bluegod (EVO 2019 Grand Finals)

  3. Bluegod vs. Linkorz (April Annihilation 2019 Grand Finals)

  4. CLOB vs. LoloMx (Final Round 2019 Grand Finals)

  5. Linkorz vs. Sonicfox (East Coast Throwdown 2019 Grand Finals)

  6. Skyll vs. NOOBICYDE (The MIXUP 2019 Grand Finals)

  7. Party Wolf vs. Saiyne (Last Chance Qualifier – SCWI Grand Finals)

  8. Plruto7 vs. Shen Chan (Taipei Major 2019 Grand Finals)

  9. Keev vs. Skyll (VSFighting 2019 Grand Finals)

  10. Bluegod vs. Linkorz (Summer Jam 13 Grand Finals)

Top 25 Players Summary

    1. Skyll (France) – Mitsurugi

    2. Yuttoto (Japan) – Voldo and Azwel

    3. Linkorz (USA) – Siegfried, Geralt and Groh

    4. Bluegod (USA) – Azwel

    5. Keev (France) – Nightmare

    6. Shen Chan (Singapore) – Cervantes

    7. Party Wolf (USA) – Kilik and Seong Mi-Na

    8. LoloMx (Mexico) – Yoshimitsu

    9. Saiyne (USA) – Ivy

    10. NOOBICYDE (France) – Azwel

    11. RichSticks (USA) – Maxi

    12. Sandman (USA) – Azwel

    13. Kamizono (Japan) – Seong Mi-Na

    14. PyroRaptor/PyroZamfir (Canada) –Siegfried

    15. Xephukai (USA) – Sophita and Xianghua

    16. Shen Yuan (Singapore) – Siegfried

    17. Sonicfox (USA) – Azwel and Cervantes

    18. HolyCarp (UK) – Ivy

    19. Kayane (France) – 2B and Xianghua

    20. RTD (USA) – Seong Mi-Na and Azwel

    21. CLOB/Count Ravioli (USA) – Astaroth

    22. Mick (USA) – Xianghua

    23. Reptile (Canada) – Nightmare

    24. DTN (France) – Raphael

    25. Shiwapon (Japan) – Sophitia

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