The Legend Chronicles: Yuttoto

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We at the (and with the help of the great Shen Chan) gave some few questions to EVO Champion and unanimously considered as the best Voldo player in the world, Yuttoto who gave us some interesting information before his battle in the upcoming SOULCALIBUR VI World Invitationals this coming November 2, 2019. Below are are the following Q and A:

YUTTOTO Question and Answer:

The Man who won EVO 2019 by humping his opponent in the last round…

  1. What is your real name?
    • Yuta Sudo is my real name.
  1. Your age?
    • 20
  1. Why is your gamertag Yuttoto?
    • When entering my ID (Gamertag), my sister entered it by mixing my real name (Yuta) and the sweets called “Ottotto” lol.
  1. What were the previous SOULCALIBUR title you previously played competition-wise and its results?
    • I played SOULCALIBUR II when I was in elementary and SOULCALIBUR IV when I was in High School. At that time, I played mainly offline, but it made it easier (for me) to learn the types of techniques.

His fight (and win) against Skyll during EVO2019 was his most memorable and most heated one in his career

  1. Which was the most memorable Tournament performance you achieved in your career?
    • It is my match against Skyll at EVO. I didn’t think I could have such (won) a heated game.
  1. Any battle (winning or losing) you found impressive?
    • Again, it is my match with Skyll. It was (also) very interesting to see the match of IRM vs. Sandman (during NLBC Anniversary tournament) recently.


  1. What is your inspiration for playing the game competively?
    • The presence of strong people around you makes you stronger.
  1. Although capable of using other characters in tournaments, Yuttoto still considers Voldo as his main.

    Which character in SOULCALIBUR VI should be considered as your main in tournaments? Why is this so?

    • I use almost all characters online. But my main during tournaments is Voldo. In SEAM, I wanted to try out other characters since it’s difficult to turn a battlefield back in my favor using Voldo unilaterally.
  1. If you can explain your playstyle, what will you say?
    • I like to read the opponent’s movements and act first.  😎

He’s overwhelming loss to Shiwapon during SCAL Tokyo Battle Stage might have been the trigger for him to consider using alternative characters in case his Voldo is losing

  1. The World Invitationals is approaching fast. What do you think about the tournament? And how are you preparing?
    • Since it is a tournament for strong players all over the world, I am nervous but I am looking forward to it. I would like to try my best.
  1. How did you prepare?
    • I haven’t done anything in particular.  🙂  I will be able to do what I have done so far.
  1. Who is your most feared to fight against in the World Invitationals?
    • Skyll! I’m very scared (of him) because I think he is aiming to beat me.  😆 I don’t wanna fight with Skyll!
  1. The World Invitationals is the best way to celebrate the First Anniversary of SOULCALIBUR VI and transition to Season 2. What does SOULCALIBUR mean in your life? How has it changed it?
    • SOULCALIBUR is the first fighting game I played. I learned the fun of fighting games in this game.
  1. Do you have anything last to say?
    • I will try my best in the World Invitationals. Forgive me if Azwel comes out!  😆

BE CAREFUL if ever his Azwel comes out.


Another one of Japan’s pride

Being the winner of the biggest SOULCALIBUR VI tournament in history in EVO2019 and also a winner of SEAM2019, Asia’s biggest tournament of the year, no one can deny that Yuttoto is currently the best SOULCALIBUR VI player in the world so far. Considering this fact, he is obviously the clear favorite to win the World Invitationals either with his Voldo or other secret characters up his sleeves. However, with a tournament featuring some of his fellow best in the world targeting his back, winning the tournament is no cakewalk even with his standards. Will this cheerful and simple guy defend his throne as the best in the world by winning the World Invitationals? or someone will finally step up to challenge his reign and dethrone him?. Watch the SOULCALIBUR VI World Invitationals to find out!

To see Yuttoto’s biggest achievements, please watch the videos below.

Yuttoto's List of Tournament Perfomances:

EVO JAPAN 2019 – 17th Place out of 288 entrants

SOULCALIBUR VI: THE WEAPON MASTER – 1st Place out of 104 entrants



EVO 2019 – 1st Place out of 746 entrants

EVO2019, which garnered the most entrants in SOULCALIBUR history was won by this man.

SOUTHEAST ASIA MAJOR 2019 – 1st Place out of 59 entrants

He also won the SOULCALIBUR ASIA LEAGUE FINALE during SEAM 2019, Asia’s biggest tournament of the year.

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