The Legend Chronicles: Shen Chan

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Last but definitely not the least, the final invited player to be featured in “The Legend Chronicles” is none other than Singapore’s Shen Chan, the People’s Champ. A very popular figure among the SOULCALIBUR community especially in Asia, this Pirate King (and a member of Panda Global) gave us some information regarding his own personal experiences with the franchise. Can’t wait? Continue scrolling down!

Shen Chan Q and A

Shen Chan made history as the first Singaporean to ever reach an EVO Grand Finals when he did so during EVO 2012

  1. What’s your full (real) name?
  • Jovian Chan
  1. You age?
  • 29

Team Shen

  1. What’s the reason you got your gamertag “Shen Chan”?
  • Long story short, we formed team “Shen” back when I was 17 and we mainly took our family names. Of course, there’s a lore behind it, but that’s a story for another time.
  1. What was/were the previous SOULCALIBUR games you played? And some short description of your achievements in those past titles?
  • SOULCALIBUR II, III, IV and V. I was striving to be better in each and every one of the series. I have a lot of local wins from SOULCALIBUR II-IV which means nothing and only really made my mark in SOULCALIBUR V.
  1. In SOULCALIBUR VI, which tournament performance was the most memorable for you?
  • I would say EVO Japan 2019. It was a tough month prior going back to Cervantes. It was the tournament to test whether I could do anything with Cervantes and I’m glad it sorta worked out.
  1. Which battle/moment (win or lose) was the most memorable for you?
  • Nothing worth mentioning. I always feel bad after each loss and will always look to improve.
  1. What is your inspiration that pushed you towards playing SOULCALIBUR?
  • I think my inspiration comes from wanting to be a role model for everyone to look up to.
  1. Who is/are the characters you consider your main/s in tournaments?
  • I went through a lot with him – Ups and downs. He feels like my best friend.

Shen Chan considers Cervantes a brother-in-arms

  1. If you could describe you style of play, how would you do so?
  • Compact and hard-hitting.

A slight mistake could bring you a whiff iGDR punish combo from this great player

  1. Who is the player you are most threatened in the World Invitationals?
  • Azwel


  1. How did you prepare for it?
  • Mainly shadowboxing, I don’t have much players to play within my region, so I work with what I have.


  1. Is there any player you would like to fight against particularly? Or in the contrary someone you don’t want to fight against?
  • No particular someone who I would like to fight against or don’t want to. I’ll take it as it comes.
  1. This Invitational is the best way to celebrate SOULCALIBUR VI’s first anniversary and move into Season 2. Can you tell us what SOULCALIBUR means in your life? How it has changed it?
  • SOULCALIBUR has taught me more life lessons that I could ever imagine. It showed me a new world of family and friends. It’s the only thing I’m passionate about, so I’m doing my best to give back to the community now. It’s crazy how a game can do so much! I’ve grown into who I am today because of the SOULCALIBUR Community. SOULCALIBUR is one game I could say without a shadow of doubt that I love it.
  1. Some quotes you would like to share before the event?
  • SOULCALIBUR VI is a great community. Things are only going to get better from now on, please continue playing SCVI!
  1. Can you give some words to the many players/fans/gamers that supported your bid for your spot in the SOULCALIBUR World Invitational?
  • I want to give my special thanks to my fellow competitors and fans for supporting me in my bid to get invited to the World Invitationals. I’m pleasantly surprised and humbled by the large amount of support that you guys gave me. My goal has always been to be a role model and to give back to the community and I’ll continue working towards that! Please continue to stay classy!


He never liked using headphones – it messes his hair

The Pirate King of the Seven Seas

Singapore’s Dreaded Pirate

Like a full-fledged pirate, Shen Chan traveled far and wide around the globe competing in various tournaments in order to hoard some goods. However, despite all his travels, he has yet to find his greatest treasure. This does not tarnish his case as one of the best SOULCALIBUR VI players though. With his great neutral game and ability to punish his opponent’s microscopic mistakes with Cervantes’ hard-hitting attacks, he established himself as one of the best SOULCALIBUR VI players in the world and the best Cervantes player which he showcased in his win of the SOULCALIBUR ASIA LEAGUE: Singapore Battle Stage – VersusMasters 2019. He also managed to show his prowess by being runner-ups of EVO Japan 2019 and Southeast Asia Major 2019 going toe to toe with fellow Invitational players Keev and Yuttoto. Moreover, as a very popular figure, the overwhelming support he received among the countless player/fans and even competitors in other fighting games to his bid in the World Invitationals shows how he has managed to unite the community with his passion and love for the game. Still though, will he finally obtain the golden pearl he had longed to reach by winning the SOULCALIBUR World Invitationals? Or will he again fail and left drifting in one of the seven seas? Look no further and watch the upcoming World Invitationals this coming November 2 in Las Vegas!

Credits to Shen Chan and for VersusAsia for the pics!


To see Shen Chan’s biggest achievement, please watch the video below.

Shen Chan's List of Tournament Perfomance:

  • Northeast Championship 19 (NEC19) – 13th place out of 286 entrants

  • EVO Japan 2019 – 2nd place out of 288 entrants

  • The MIXUP 2019 – 17th place out of 104 entrants

  • VersusMasters 2019 – 1st place out of 32 entrants

A legend among the Singapore SOULCALIBUR VI community, he still proves he is the best in the land by winning Versus Masters 2019

  • Taipei Major 2019 – 2nd place  out of 47 entrants

  • CEO 2019 – 3rd place out of 166 entrants

  • SOULCALIBUR Asia League: Tokyo Battle Stage – 5th place out of 108 entrants

  • World Showdown of Esports 7 (WSOE7) – 3rd place (8-player invitational)

  • EVO 2019 – 5th place out of 746 entrants

  • Southeast Asia Major 2019 – 2nd place out of 59 entrants

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