The Legend Chronicles: LoloMx

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The Legend Chronicles, which features a series of articles covering the invited players for the SOULCALIBUR World Invitationals, continues on its 4th participant. A timeless SOULCALIBUR legend hailing from the city of Mexico, the best Yoshimitsu player, LoloMx! Interested to see some tidbits of information from Lolo? Then look further down below for his Q and A session!

LoloMx's Q and A:

Winning EVO2014 Side tourney (left) and Final Round XVII (right) during SOULCALIBUR V’s era are just one of LoloMx’s success

  1. What is your full (real) name?
  • Gerardo Vega
  1. Your age?
  • 38
  1. What’s the reason you got the playertag LoloMx?
  • I just wanted something easy to remember for everyone, then translated well in other languages.
  1. What was/were the previous SOULCALIBUR titles/games you played competitively and give us some short descriptions of your achievements in the said past games
    – Yes, I won tournaments in SOULCALIBUR IV and SOULCALIBUR V.

His Grand Finals match against CLOB in FR2019 was one of the game’s best and most memorable finals so far in SOULCALIBUR VI.

  1. In SOULCALIBUR VI, which one of your tournament performances were the most memorable for you?
  • FR2019 (Final Round 2019), I honestly didn’t expect to win, being a veteran facing so many young and talented players.
  1. On the other hand, which moment/battle (win or lose) were the most memorable for you in your SOULCALIBUR VI career?
  • The GFs (Grand Finals) vs CLOB in FR2019 (Final Round 2019), he was in the winner’s side, came from destroying everyone, he was inspired and confident. But I repeated what I did 5 years ago in FRXVII (Final Round XVII), coming all the way back from loser’s to win the tournament.
  1. What gave you inspiration to play the game on the competitive/tournament level?
  • I just loved the game in SOULCALIBUR II and played with my friends from college and kept searching for more players to players, but SOULCALIBUR II was big, so there were big tournaments in Mexico City.
  1. Who is/are the character/s you consider are your real main/s for tournaments and why?
  • Yoshimitsu and Astaroth, I think is a good team of characters I love. I actually started maining Astaroth in SOULCALIBUR III, then Yoshi (Yoshimitsu) in SOULCALIBUR IV and I just love them both!

9. If you could describe your style of play, how would you describe it?

  • It’s a mix of strong defense with high pressure on the offense with a topping of gimmicks.

Lolo considers Yoshimitsu (up) and Astaroth (down) as his mains

  1. Who is/are the players you are most threatened with in the World Invitationals?
  • All of them.
  1. The SOULCALIBUR VI World Invitationals is approaching fast. How do you feel about the tournament?
  • I’m very excited! Also very happy to see the support we are getting for the game and the competitive scene.

As further proof of his legendary status, he has a character easter egg in SCV that you may battle in Quick Mode

  1. How did you prepare for it?
  • I know I need to improve, so mainly focusing on that, training mode, watching videos to learn about the other characters and also some online.
  1. Is there any player that you would like to fight against in particular? Or in the contrary someone you don’t want to fight against?
  • I haven’t played (against) Yuttoto ever, so I would like to fight him. And you have to be ready for everyone, but of course everyone wants to avoid Azwels in any given tournament, but I enjoy playing (against) Bluegod, so not really, I want to play (against) everyone.

Lolo’s secret for success

  1. Also: This World Invitationals is the best way to celebrate SOULCALIBUR VI’s 1st anniversary and to move into Season 2. Can you tell us what SOULCALIBUR means in your life? How it has changed your life?
  • Well, I always been competing since I was a child. I played MK (Mortal Kombat), SF (Street Fighter), Kof (King of Fighters), but when I played SC2 (SOULCALIBUR II) I just forgot about every other fighting games. I fell in love with the game and spent hours watching the weapon demonstration, and (loving the game) allowed me to travel, meet persons from all over the world, even be in SOULCALIBUR V as an easter egg. For me is a joy, a pleasure I can enjoy whenever I want and is even better shared with other players that share the same passion.
  1. Some quotes you would like to share before the event?
  • I’m very honored to be able to compete with all these amazing players, with all the support we have been getting for the game and for the community, this is why I’m still competing, never seen this support for over 10 years of competition that I’ve been around.
  1. Any final words to say?
  • Enjoy the tournament!!!

Shy? – his celebration and pop-offs wins are both taken off-cams in the Final Round events


The Old but Golden Mexican

A long-time member of the Manji Clan, LoloMx have been showcasing for years some of the best Yoshimitsu performances in the history of SOULCALIBUR. Although much older than his fellow competitors, his knowledge and experience with the game’s basic and advance mechanics is unparalleled. With his long trek of journey and achievements with the character, it is safe to say that he is the best Yoshimitsu player of all time. His vast knowledge of Yoshi’s movesets shows that he is one of few players who could make use of the character’s craziest gimmicks into some of the best combos/mixups you could find as seen in his performance in Final Round 2019. Add that with some competent gameplay of other characters like Astaroth and Seong Mi-Na to cover some match-ups, this already established-legend is still a force to be reckoned with. Can his experience and knowledge outplay the younger competitors in the World Invitationals? or will the younger ones get the better of him? Find out in the SOULCALIBUR World Invitationals that will be held on November 2 in Last Vegas!

To see Lolo’s biggest achievement in SOULCALIBUR VI, please watch the videos below.

LoloMx's List of Tournament Perfomances:

  • Northeast Championships 19 (NEC19) – 17th Place out of 286 entrants

  • Final Round 2019 – 1st place out of 129 entrants

He added Final Round 2019 as one of his tournament wins in his already illustrious career

  • Texas Showdown 2019 – 5th place out of 72 entrants

  • DreamHack Dallas 2019 – 2nd place out of 55 entrants

  • Pre-EVO Tournament – 2nd place out of 59 entrants

  • EVO2019 – 17th place out of 746 entrants

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