The Legend Chronicles: Keev

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The 5th player to be covered in “The Legend Chronicles” is the second French participant in the tournament, Gamer Origins’s Keev! Other than being known as a legend among the SOULCALIBUR community and the reigning best Nightmare player in SOULCALIBUR VI and arguably all-time, this player gave us some little information about his experiences within the community. Look below for this information.

Keev's Q and A

Keev (rightmost) have been one of France’s and SOULCALIBUR’s finest players for a long time now

  1. What is your full (real) name?
  • Kevin Akre
  1. Your age?
  • 32

You could thank Max Payne for making a part of Keev’s cool gamer name

  1. How did you get your gamertag “Keev”?
  • “Keev” is a shortened version of Kevin and Rayne is a little nod to Max Payne, a game I loved. It’s also convenient for me to log on various websites, as “Keev” rarely available on its own.
  1. What was/were the previous SOULCALIBUR title/s you played competitively and some short description of your achievements in those past games?
  • I loved every episode (titles), from the first to the sixth! However, SOULCALIBUR III was the one I got most invested in. In this episode, I discovered the whole international tournament aspect of the game and that’s when I got to meet most of the community! It’s the one where I met quite a few sparring partners and rivals! It’s also the episode on which I won my first European tournament (Canned FFJC)! An unforgettable memory.
  1. In SOULCALIBUR VI, which tournament was the most memorable for you?
  • EVO Japan without hesitation! Be it the level of the competitors, the match’s intensity, how the Top 8 was staged or the fact the French community was there, it was incredible!

Unsurprisingly, Winning EVO Japan was Keev’s favorite

  1. Which moment/battle (win or lose) was the most memorable for you?
  • I remember the little touches coming from the French players when we trained for the second day of EVO Japan. I spent the night playing against Kamisam’s Ivy to prepare the match against Jashin and also the pretty intense Maxi fights against Saitoh to prepare me for the matches against Tamonegi. It got me on my feet and really got me prepared.
  1. What gave you inspiration to play the game on the tournament/competitive scene?
  • The will to outdo myself and always fight people stronger than me. The rush of fighting on stage gives out. I remember watching Kayane’s fight against DTN being commented by Asenka at the Japan Expo, it was epic!

However, his training with his french buddies is his favorite moment

  1. Who is/are the character/s you consider your real main/s in tournaments and why?
  • Nightmare! I love his design, his playstyle as a brute with huge damage potential and the ability to zone and control the ring… Even though he’s gotten it dirty on the tier list at times.
  1. If you could describe your playstyle, how would you describe it?
  • I alternate between aggressive play and zoning all the while trying to put in a graceful touch whenever I can.
  1. Who is/are the player/s you feel most threatened by in the World Invitationals?
  • Everyone is dangerous in their own way! Yuttoto is the EVO Champion and unequivocally the best player around right now, Linkorz and Bluegod with his Azwel are terrifying too. However, I’d rather avoid going up against Skyll, as we train together a lot and he knows me a bit too well!

Skyll, his training partner, is one of the player in the World Invitationals he wants to avoid fighting

  1. Some insights/quotes you would like to share before the World Invitationals?
  • This event will no doubt give us some memorable matches, with matchups never seen before! A fitting end for Season 1 and a nice opening for Season 2!

Keev finds Nightmare the perfect monster to show his strength

The Cold Darkness

France’s Graceful Destroyer

Rarely shows emotion during matches, Keev is a legend whose career and past achievements in previous titles can only be rivaled by LoloMx in the World Invitationals. This graceful destroyer had been dominating every opponent in his path with a cold blooded expression even today in SOULCALIBUR VI. Keev immediately made his presence known in the community early in the game’s life by dominating the BRUSSELS events (Winter Fights and Major Edition) and EVO Japan, his best achievement so far. Even with new players stepping up in the upper echelon of the French SOULCALIBUR community, his dominance is still known by winning VersusFighting and the Pre-EVO tournament held in Luxor. With his mastery of Nightmare’s moves and flawless zoning/spacing game, Keev will definitely show why he is one of SOULCALIBUR’s finest players of all-time. Will he make France proud again by winning the World Invitationals? Or will he be forced to surrender and admit defeat against a stronger presence? Experience it when you watch the World Invitationals coming this November 2 at Las Vegas. Be there!

Credits to Nicolaus Billiaux, Keev, GamersOrigin, EVO Japan News, and Vsfighting for some of the pics!


To see some of Keev’s biggest achievements, please watch the videos below.

Keev's List of Tournament Perfomance:

  • YUZU Winter Challenge 2018 – 13th place out of 61 entrants

  • Battle for Humanity 2018 – 13th place out of 64 entrants

  • BRUSSELS CHALLENGE Winter Fights 2019 – 1st place out of 55 entrants

  • EVO Japan 2019 – 1st place out of 288 entrants

Making everyone know that he is still one of the best, Keev won EVO Japan, his greatest achievement so far

  • BRUSSELS CHALLENGE Major Edition 2019 – 1st place out of 42 entrants

He also dominated both BRUSSELS event (The Winter Fights and the Major Edition)

  • The MIXUP 2019 – 7th place out of 104 entrants

  • DreamHack Tours 2019 – 2nd place out of 32 entrants

  • Kayane Session: Road to EVO 2019 – 2nd place out of 108 entrants

  • VSFighting 2019 – 1st place out of 65 entrants

Not done yet, he won VSFighting 2019 and the Pre-EVO tournament at the esports arena

  • Pre-EVO Tournament – 1st place out of 59 entrants

  • EVO 2019 – 49th out of 746 entrants

  • Kayane Session (September edition) – 2nd place out of 97 entrants

  • Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019 – 4th place out of 67 entrants

  • Southeast Asia Major 2019 – 9th place out of 59 entrants

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