The Legend Chronicles: 8th Soul

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The Eight Soul

The unknown eight soul

You all thought we’re done right? Nope. We at the gives you the real finale of the “The Legend Chronicles” by showing you the notable players who has the highest chances of winning the Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) to be held before the Main Event of the SOULCALIBUR World Invitational. Based on the group of people who confirmed their interest to attend the great event, here are some notable entrants in the Qualifiers:

The Favorites

This list of players is who I believe are the favorites to win the tournament based on their Tournament backgrounds, success and consistency. They are also who I believe are the primary candidates if ever the 8th spot of the World Invitationals are chosen by the Organizers and not through a tournament qualifier.


Main Character/s: Ivy

Notable Tournament Performance: 1st place in Kumite in Texas and 2nd place in DreamHack Atlanta, Winter Brawl 3D Edition and World Showdown of Esports 7.

Overview: Mister Christmas tree himself, Saiyne, is one of the game’s most consistent and active players in the USA and arguably the best Ivy player of the World. With a good track of record by winning KiTX and getting 2nd nods in DHAtl, WB3D and WSOE7 in which he faced and managed to go toe to toe with the likes of World Invited players like Linkorz, Skyll, Shen Chan and Bluegod, he is a really good and safe bet as one of the favorites to win the LCQ. His great mastery of Ivy’s spacing game to control the pacing of the match and his use of the character’s patented command grabs Calamity Symphony and Soul Suffering to counter weaknesses will be material in order for him to win the tournament.


Main Character/s: Kilik, Seong Mi-Na and various.

Notable Tournament Performance: 1st in DreamHack Atlanta and 2nd in Northeast Championship 19 and Northwest Majors 11

Overview: At the game’s early life, Party Wolf had been in the argument of the best SOULCALIBUR VI tournament performer in the USA battling the title against his fellow early frontrunners Linkorz, SonicFox and Saiyne considering his great performance in winning DreamHack Atlanta and getting second place spots in Northeast Championships 19 and Northwest Majors 11. However, despite being known as the best Kilik player in the world, he encountered a slump of character crisis which resulted in a slow diminishing performance in subsequent events. However, rumors has it that he had returned to playing characters with big sticks which could affect his performance greatly considering his mastery and huge success with Kilik and might even win the LCQ with him (and Seong Mi-Na as backup too).


Main: Azwel, Siegfried and Amy

Notable Tournament Performance: 1st in Frosty Faustings XI

Overview: The infamous Kinniku-buster man himself and the game’s number 1 Azwel apologist is no slouch in the tournament scene as seen in his performance of winning Frost Faustings XI from the loser’s bracket. Although this said performance started criticisms and questions to Azwel’s game balance issues, this does not deny that he is another notable player to win the LCQ. One of the best Azwel players in the world and also has a decent Siegfried and Amy in his repertoire, he will try to weapon arts his opponents to victory and get a spot together with the greatest stars!




The Almost-Favorites

These next players are the ones wherein although not necessarily favorites to win the tournament, they are inch close in winning the LCQ considering their talents and skills as one of the game’s top players.


Main: Maxi

Notable Tournament Performance: 2nd in Frosty Faustings XI, Combo Breaker and CEO

Overview: Due to his background as the best Maxi player in the World and runner-up positions in some of the biggest tournaments in the USA, he should be considered as a favorite to win a tournament. However, considering that he had never won a tournament yet (even getting a joke name called SilverSticks at some point), there is still lingering doubt as to his chances of winning the LCQ. But who knows, with his great skills and talents as THE Maxi player of the game and his background of fighting top player and even beating some of them, it still won’t be a surprise if the LCQ is technically his first tournament win of his career.



Main: Astaroth

Notable Tournament Performance: 2nd in Final Round and CEOtaku

Overview: As arguably the best Astaroth player in the World and a popular player with his intense emotion during tournaments, it comes to no surprise that CLOB/Count Ravioli gets a lot of hype whenever he makes appearances in top 8 to showcase his “Clobbing” time moments. With a background of getting runner-up positions in Final Round and CEOtaku, this guy is a very threatening presence to face in the LCQ with his very aggressive Astaroth.




Main: Sophitia and Xianghua

Notable Tournament Performance: 2nd in Kumite in Tennessee and Kumite in Texas

Overview: First and foremost, Xephukai is one of best players in the USA during the SOULCALIBUR V era. Although not yet as successful as he was in the previous title, Xephukai showed us a glimpse of his potential to dominate in tournaments by his great performances in KiT and KiTX (most notable is his dominating sweep of Bluegod’s Azwel) wherein he both got 2nd spots. But being one of the top Sophitia and Xianghua players in the world and some local tournament wins to boost his confidence, there is still a chance that he might finally activate his dormant killer instincts and retake his title as one of SOULCALIBUR’s top USA players.




Main: Yoshimitsu

Notable Tournament Performance: 2nd in Electric Cancel

Overview: The so-called King of Neutrals (or King of SCVI Memes)! But joking aside, Signia is one of California’s top players and could be regarded as its best if not for the great wall Bluegod sets up against him. Still though, boasting a great master of Yoshimitsu and also a great neutral set-up gameplays, Signia is another notable player in the LCQ that will make a noise during the event.





The Dark Horse

These guys are in the list in which despite that fact that there is no concrete evidence of their bid to win in winning the LCQ, they still have a chance considering some very great performances in the past.


Main: 2B

Notable Tournament Performance: 1st in Blink Fighting Fest and 2nd in Game Over

Overview: The best player in Dominican Republic and can also be considered as the best 2B player so far. His dominance in Dominican Republic is shown with him winning Blink Fighting Fest and getting runner-up position in Game Over. He also managed to win one of the latest End of Days online event over world invited player LoloMx. Despite his dominance in his country however, he had yet still to reach a top 8 in tournaments in other countries like the USA which is the main reason why he is a Dark Horse. Still though, boasting a great 2B and showing some interesting and great mix-ups, he is definitely a player to watch.




Main: Zasalamel

Notable Tournament Performance: 7th in Texas Showdown

Overview: To go straight to the point and to everyone’s information, OmegaDr is in fact SOULCALIBUR V’s World Champion which technically makes him the reigning/defending champion of the World tournament. Still though, due to the fact that he rarely makes appearances in tournaments and an underwhelming performance in Texas Showdown (he lost a mirror match against CanoPR), we aren’t sure of what he will do in the LCQ. Regardless, with this Dominican Republic legend’s background of reaching the top of the SOULCALIBUR food chain once in his career, it will still come to no surprise if he ever decides to take back the spot over everyone else.





Main: Ivy

Notable Tournament Performance: 5th in Northeast Championship 19

Overview: The EVO2013 SOUCALIBUR V (side tourney) winner is also one of LCQ’s notable players. Although pretty much non-existent in tournaments around the scene, this former champion is another player you should be ready with considering his penchant to win “any means necessary”. His only notable is him getting 5th place in NEC19 but with a background of beating Bluegod’s Azwel to reach the said ranking, he deserves a notice to everybody for that achievement. With a character which shows his skills and his mentality to use underhanded tactics to win, this guy will definitely be a threat even against the top ones in the LCQ. A warning, LOOK OUT FOR THIS GUY!



Thank you very much for following this series of articles. I really hope we could have helped you in building up the hype into the upcoming SOULCALIBUR World Invitational happening tomorrow! It was such a great honor to cover the days leading up to this monumental event. Let us all enjoy the event as a closing of Season 1 and continue supporting the game into the Season 2. We all are in this together! Remember…


See you again if we also get a Season 2 of the World Invitationals!

Credits to Micheal Ii for the first pic and NovaMage for his pic!


To see some of the aforementioned players’ performances, please look below!

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