Tampa Never Sleeps 8 Result, Highlights and Summary

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Tampa Never Sleeps 8

Tampa Never Sleeps (or simply known as TNS8) returns after a two-year hiatus to present an event of various tournaments for competitive gamers. Held in the Holiday Inn Tampa Westshore at No. 700 N Westshore BLVD, Tampa, FL 33609, USA on January 18, 2019, this game featured many fighting game tournaments which included SOULCALIBUR VI.

Garnering a decent number of 35 competitors which fought each other to reach the finale, 8 fighters were left standing (although it was only the top 6 that was streamed). This fighters include LMNY | Cry-Wolv, Sabrewulf, DimeSC, TNS | Tamparoth, UGS | Saltface NG-Obscure, EpicSC and Geralt’s Bathwater.

Saltface Never Sleeps

Saltface gave out the most competitive spirit the entire tournament

Despite a lot of interesting competitors in the tournament and great matches, there is only one notable player who literally never had a break. That individual was Saltface, who before participating in the top 6 just had a grueling run in the Mortal Kombat tournament top 6 where every match set he played reached the final set in an FT5. In this tournament, the same thing happened.

Starting out from the loser’s bracket, Saltface has a longer and harder path compared to his MK11 performance. In his first match, he faced NG-Obscure whose Geralt made it hard for him throughout the sets. However, showing much better control and timing with his Tira, he finished the set 2-1 in order to advance to the loser’s semis.

There he faced a tournament favorite and a familiar opponent of his, DimeSC and his very aggressive Voldo. During the 1st match set, he had a pretty one-sided lost against his opponent. In the 2nd match set, despite getting into tremendous disadvantage with a small health left, Saltface slowly grinded back and stole a win after a Reversal Edge win and a grab to reach the set into the final match set again. In the final set, he found himself in disadvantage again after DimeSC beat him in the 1st and 2nd round. Down 0-2, Saltface showed his mental toughness by again slowly grinding back wins in order to reach an event 2-2 set. In the final round, despite getting into another bad situation where his health was a slither versus DimeSC’s full health, he made clutch plays after clutch plays without using any meter using patience and great defense to counter and pressure his opponent. Due to this, he got a well-earned comeback win and an upset against his rival to advance to the loser’s finals.

Beating a great opponent in DimeSC

There he faced Sabrewulf (who lost 0-3 against Cry-Wolv in the Winner’s finals) and his Nightmare who similarly with his two previous matches, gave him a serious run for his money. After an exchange of blows between the two, the player who stood tall in a 3-2 set win was Saltface, who unlike his previous matches was more aggressive considering he has more advantage frames against his slow but damaging opponent.

After playing back to back to back to back to back to back complete sets in the two tournaments he participated, he again earned a right to fight in the Grand Finals.

Cry-Wolv Never Slept


Although it was Saltface who stole the show throughout the tournament with his emotional demeanor but controlled rage, it was Cry-Wolv who was the cold-blooded killer who was silently dominating the whole tournament. Reaching the Grand Finals without dropping a set, Cry-Wolv showed that he is the real man to beat in the tournament. Will Saltface finally stand in his way and give him his first set loss or even stole from him the trophy? Turns out, neither happened.

All throughout their matches, Cry-Wolv showed a rather unusual dominating and aggressive Azwel. Maybe because he finally burned out from all his matches or was just manhandled by his opponent, Saltface never found an answer to his three straight set losses to Cry-Wolv, who on the other hand was just cakewalking every opponent he faced. After dominating the final round with multiple AGi’s to stop Saltface’s attempts to get a momentum and ending it with a 3BB, Cry-Wolv had achieved a flawless victory without dropping a game set in the entire tournament. More importantly, he finally got his first ever trophy in a major tournament.

Winning the tournament…Without dropping a single set.

Just after getting third place from last week’s Kumite in Tennessee where he was dominated by Honest (Lost Providence), Cry-Wolv redeemed himself in this tournament showing that he is a great player and a winner azwell. Despite getting long breaks from his fast sweeps, Cry-Wolv never slept was consistent all throughout to his deserving reward as TNS8’s SOULCALIBUR VI Champion. All in all, the year starts to be promising for this guy.

Awards Ceremony


LMNY | Cry-Wolv – Azwel

UGS | Saltface – Tira

Sabrewulf – Nightmare

4th – DimeSC – Voldo

5th – NG-Obscure – Geralt

5th – Tns | Tamparoth – Astaroth

7th – EpicSC

7th – Geralt’s Bathwater


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