Southern Crossup 2019 Result, Highlights and Summary

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Southern Crossup is regarded as the longest running and biggest tournament event in New Zealand. Featuring more than 15 FGC tournaments, the event was held on October 4, 2019 – October 6, 2019 at Auckland University of Technology located at 55 Wellesley St E, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand. Among its many occasions, SOULCALIBUR VI was one of them which garnered 26 entrants featuring some of New Zealands best SCVI Players.


Coming out of the pools are the Best performing 8 players of the night which are Ncea, dog, DaBeast and Virtual Bacon on the winner’s side while the loser’s side has Lunochka, Milky, JHN | JoXaZe and Neal to complete the top 8.



DaBeast is highly considered as one of the best Oceania players if not the best. Although mainly a Tekken player, his talent in SOULCALIBUR VI and as a Fighting Game player showed in this tournament through his good reads, great footsies and proper timing to punish his enemies mistakes despite having a clear lack of knowledge of his character’s strength and weaknesses.

Right out of the first round, DaBeast was brought to the loser’s bracket by Virtual Bacon’s Cassandra who dominated their set using Cassandra’s faster pokes to interrupt the former’s attempts to attack. However, this loss was the trigger that made DaBeast smell blood throughout the way.

The loss that unleashed DaBeast!

He then looked unstoppable in the loser’s bracket by both dominating his sets winning 2-0 against Lunchka, a taki player who takes advantage of her character’s jump moves to both evade and attack, during the loser’s top 6 and JoXaZe, a player who mains Voldo (which makes his gameplay unpredictable), during the loser’s semis.

DaBeast’s Astaroth is as hungry as he is.

Waiting for him in the loser’s finals was Virtual Bacon, the same individual who put him down to the loser’s and the suspect who activated his killstreak. Unfortunately for Virtual Bacon though, he might have not known that he was facing against a different Beast (pun intended) in the set. Energized for their rematch, DaBeast learned from their previous match and managed to get two straight wins against his opponent’s Cassandra. Having no answer, Virtual Bacon decided to use Cassandra’s more laid back sister Sophitia to tame DaBeast. Although he managed to survive a very close third match set, DaBeast was just in it for the kill and swept him 3-0 in their final set. DaBeast’s next target? Ncea in the Grand Finals…

Getting his revenge against Virtual Bacon (right), DaBeast (right) could not held back to pop it off


ncea (left) vs. DaBeast (right) for the Grand Finals.

Other than the Beast, another player was visibly dominant all throughout the top 8 and that was ncea. Although he may thank his luck (*cough*stages*cough*) him to have some advantages, he did not need much of those since his patience and punish game was still off the charts.

ncea (right) with his “waifu” Seong Mi-Na (cosplayed by Katie Blob)

This was visible from his win in the first match against dog, although he encountered some trouble when the latter changed to Amy. During the winner’s finals, he had a tougher match-up against Virtual Bacon’s Cassandra, who is a character that could negate his Seong Mi-Na’s spacing game. But after close matches from here and there, he was able to clutch out a hard fought win and won the set 3-1 obtaining the winner’s side of the Grand Finals.

Challenging him next is DaBeast who was in Bloodlust mode majority of the tournament.

The first match showcased an even gameplay between the two using each their character’s spacing and punish game. However, ncea was able to make a dominant two straight comeback wins to win the set despite having an early 2-1 disadvantage against his opponent.

Unlike their first match, the second match was heavily in favor of ncea, who not only took advantage of the stage but also showed flawless execution to overwhelm his opponent with Mina’s long reach and Guard Break’s. He then won the match 3-0.

Although contemplating to use Maxi, DaBeast stayed with Astaroth for the third match. During the said match, ncea dominated the first round and almost won the second by hitting his opponent FOUR of Mina’s patented vertical low. But DaBeast, not wanting to lose, managed to steal a victory by hitting his opponent two of Astaroth damaging command grabs. DaBeast then went on to clutch out a win for another match.

In the fourth match, DaBeast regained his composure and got dominant two straight wins. But ncea would not easily let his opponent sweep the set and got back two wins to even the set 2-2. During the final round, ncea made sure that no reset would be happening by dishing out everything to DaBeast by hitting him consecutive lethal hits, critical edges and some good mixup to win the tournament!

His patience rewarded, ncea was crowned champion of Southern Crossup 2019!


ncea – Seong Mi-Na

DaBeast – Astaroth

Virtual Bacon – Cassandra, Sophitia

4 –  JHN | JoXaZe – Voldo

5 – dog – Groh, Amy, Geralt

5 – Lunochka – Taki

7 – Milky – Xianghua

7 – Neal – Nightmare


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