SoulCalibur Without Borders : The Charity Invitational starts today !



The SoulCalibur Without Borders Event, a TOP8 Charity Invitational per region, is starting today! #SCWB2020



You can support the tournament by donating on Matcherino !
Use the code “SCWB” to donate $0.50 to the pot for free !

Half of the donations will go to the players, and the other half to Doctors Without Borders charity.



The event is starting today (Saturday), with the EU EAST and South American regions !
Tomorrow (Sunday), they’ll feature Japan ! 


August 8th 

Europe East (8:00 PM UTC+3) : 

Players list :


South America (7:00 PM UTC-3) :
English Stream :

Players list : 

August 9th

Japan (7:00 pm UTC+9 Japan) :
English Stream :

Players list : 

Don’t hesitate to share all the informations on Twitter, to be hyped about the event on the streams and donate to support the charity ! Let’s our souls burn !

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