Setsuka Stuff : Frame Data, Combos, Techs, Discord…all you need to know !


Are you guys enjoying the release of Setsuka ?

Here are all the details you need to know to get started with her !


SETSUKA’S BIBLE : Mechanics, Combos, Punishments etc…

FRAME DATA AVAILABLE HERE (made by the Community)


SETSUKA DISCORD : Join the International community to discuss about Setsuka, all the combos, infos, techs are gathered there ! If you need anything, you can talk to any admin in there!

Hashtags for Twitter to find the new discoveries : #SCVI_SETS and #SCVI_SET


Some Players Twitter accounts sharing Setsuka discoveries 

@upipon (Yuttoto, EVO 2019 Champion)
@drae_val (Draethion)

and many more to find on the Hashtags!


Don’t hesitate to regularly check all discoveries videos on their respective Twitter Accounts, and also on the Discord channel in the different sections !

Big thanks to all the community for sharing all the techs and discoveries, you guys are doing amazing !

Special thanks to the Project Soul team for their hard work and releasing this awesome character !

  • Tenchi8 says:

    Nice gameplay videos. Can’t wait to play SC6 again when I have a chance. Setsuka is looking great and as lethal as ever.

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