Setsuka Revealed in SOULCALIBUR VI!

author image by Storia | 2 Comments | August 1, 2020

Setsuka revealed in SOULCALIBURVI!


Setsuka is back to the Stage of History after being away for 12 years! On July 31, 2020, during the “Japanese Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable” in which the largest fighting game publishers in Japan discussed numerous topics in fighting games, Producer Motohiro Okubo revealed the trailer of the returning Setsuka with her weapon Ugetsu Kageuchi as the third DLC character of SOULCALIBURVI’s Season Pass 2. The Setsuka DLC/DLC 11 will include her Soul Chronicle, according to Director Yoshinori Takehashi will be the “longest”. Her classic costume from SOULCALIBUR IV, her last appearance in a main SC game, will also be included in the DLC. There will also be the upcoming Version 2.20 patch that will bring major changes to SOULCALIBUR VI S2’s meta, a free stage “Murakamo Shrine Grounds”, and a new customization pack DLC/DLC 12 with TEKKEN parts.


DLC 11: Setsuka and DLC 12: Character Creation Set E will be out on August 4th, while the V2.20 patch will be out a day prior on August 3rd.

Setsuka Reveal Trailer:

Setsuka illustration:


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