Season 2 will launch on November 25th !

We’ve all been waiting for the news to drop and here it is : Soul Calibur VI’s Season 2 will start on November 25th ! Yes, next Monday !

This second season will first start off with a patch that brings along a bevy of changes, both huge and small, most notably a slew of new moves for every character already available in-game, a new UI that changes the health bar’s appearance as well as a revamped character and stage selection screen.

The online mode and more specifically Ranked matches have also been reworked (though we’ll have to see by ourselves Monday to see to what extent) and the possibility to send written messages via a chat box will also be added !

The patch also adds a new stage called the Silver Wolves’ Haven filled with mystery and well, wolves, and there will be a new training stage called the Grand Labyrinth – Sealed Corridor.

Diving into the specifics, the game’s newest version will add a few new neat gameplay mechanics and adjustments that will give matches a new layer of tension. Reversal Edge Clashes will now only activate if the attacks land correctly.

And the two new moves common to every character are :

– The Soul Attack : using your entire gauge, this attack basically offers the same benefits as the Soul Charge, but instead of repelling the opponent and giving you a breather in case they get too aggressive, the Soul Attack’s best used within your combo.

– The Resist Impact : basically a counter-measure against the Soul Attack, the Resist Impact uses half your gauge and make you guard against any attack, be it a guard break or even an otherwise unblockable attack ! If pulled correctly, it can also refill your guard meter, giving it an interesting « risk vs reward » spin.

As for character specifics, the full patch notes haven’t been released yet, but will be later today. Who will get buffed ? Who will get nerfed ? We’ll know that very soon and tears will surely be shed… Though if it’s of joy or sadness will probably depend on who your main is.

All of the above is obviously free of charge, but if you want more, then you might want to know what’s inside the second Season Pass that’s due to roll out next Tuesday !

Starting off is Hilde, the first of the four characters that will be in this Season Pass ! The princess of Wolfkrone still uses both sword and spear to clobber ennemies at both mid and long range, but this time she can use Regalia Arts, a super buff unique to her that imbues her weapons with a deadly aura.

Her DLC also includes new scenes for the game’s Story mode and it promises a cameo from a certain someone « that would make fans of the past titles smirk », as well as a few new pieces of concept art in the game’s Museum.

Not only that, but if you buy the Season Pass on Tuesday, you’ll also get a new set of items for the character creation tool, including some Santa Claus-themed items and various onomatopeas to make fight all the more sillier/awesome !

But the cherry on top might just be the freebie that comes if you buy the full Season Pass : 53 (!) tracks from both Soul Calibur IV and V, including Hiroki « Mr. Secret of Mana » Kikuta’s The Invincible Blade and Let My Soul Burn ! The full tracklist is available right below and it looks/sounds like it’s going to be amazing !

As for Samurai Shodown’s own Haohmaru’s release date or the other two fighters, we’ll have to wait a bit longer, though, and here’s me speculating, I’m sure we’ll have further news at EVO Japan, between January 24th and 26th.

So yeah, very exciting stuff all around ! The coming days will prove to be very interesting !

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