REV Major 2019 Results and Summary

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REV Major 2019

REV Major 2019 is Philippines’ biggest and most prestigious FGC Tournament event of the year. The event was held on September 28, 2019 and ended on September 29, 2019 in the beautiful Solaire Tent and Resort. SOULCALIBUR VI was one of its featured 12 tournaments with a good number of 33 Entrants coming from around Asia.


BladedSnake (upper-right); Melpoli (upper-left); SideStepLance (lower-left); and Barok (lower-right)

Out of the 33 players who tried their hand in competing for the game, eight of them managed to come out on top. The top 8 consisted of c(x) | BladedSnake, Graf, c(x) | Melpoli and GM | SideSteplance, Barok, David Go, AlphaMJB and c(x) | Heneral Shang. Battle after battle, only four of them came out to determine the winner of the tournament of whom was c(x) | BladedSnake and c(x) | Melpoli on the winner’s side and GM | SideStepLance and Barok on the loser’s column.

SideStepLance’s epic finish

First set was the winner’s finals against teammates BladedSnake’s Siegfried and Melpoli’s Xianghua. Familiar with each other’s gameplay and strategies, the set was close but in the end, it was BladeSnake’s dancing Siegfried who won the set 3-1 against the faster Xianghua of Melpoli.

Next face-off was against SideStepLance’s Raphael and Barok’s 2B. In the first match, SideStepLance was able to win convincingly against his opponent’s pressuring rush attacks. Second match was taken back by a gutsy Barok to even the set. The final match of the two was close and hype-filled fight but due to a well-timed and beautiful Lethal Hit followed by a Critical Edge, SideStepLance not only won the set 2-1, but ended it with the stylish seven golden letter PERFECT!

Thus, the loser’s finals was a fight between SideStepLance and Melpoli. In order to counter SideStepLance’s Raphael, Melpoli decided to use Amy rather than his main Xianghua. Thus making the match a father-daughter meetup.

The student and the mentor

This decision gave colorful results. Using Amy’s faster albeit shorter pokes against his bigger opponent, Melpoli won their first two matches convincingly. It would have been a sweep if it wasn’t for the valiant efforts of SideStepLance to win their next match. However, Melpoli’s Amy was just too much for SideStepLance and the latter was forced to concede defeat.

Thus, the Grand Finals is set to happen between a rematch between c(x) teammates BladeSnake and Melpoli.


Earning his right for a rematch against his teammate, Melpoli did not waste time and took advantage of his momentum. In their first match, Melpoli adjusted his game form their previous set by using a spacing game taking advantage of Xianghua’s faster movements in order to interrupt BladedSnake’s confusing stances. This decision showed fast result and Melpoli won the first match 3-1.

Unfazed, BladedSnake changed his game in the next match wherein he matched his opponent’s spacing game by using Siegfried’s stances to close the distance fast against his conservative opponent. This match was very close between the two but with a clutch performance by BladedSnake during the finals seconds of their last round, he was able to win the second match 3-2 and even the set 1-1.

The third match turned out to be very close again between the two. After a scramble of hits, Melpoli had the advantage of going 2-1 in the set. However, BladeSnake managed to grind the fourth round winning it without using a single meter to get 2 full guage in the final round. Despite the gauge advantage, BladedSnake never really had any use of it to win the match.

Being ahead of GF set 2-1 and winning the first round, BladedSnake looked overconfident and started playing his Siegfried dances again. However, this proved a critical mistake for him and Melpoli took advantage by not only dominating him in the second round but ending it a devastating (although unnecessary) Critical Edge. Melpoli was then in full control of the next two matches pressuring his opponent with Xianghua’s own stances and fakes. Thus, the set was 2-2 between the two and a rematch might be coming.

In the final round for a reset or win, learning from his mistakes, BladedSnake took a defensive and patient approach against Melpoli and won the first match by taking advantage of his opponent’s mistakes. Although the same approach was effective early on in the second round, Melpoli made a valiant comeback to hit a great combo mix-up to a Critical Edge to clutch out a win. During the third round, Melpoli was in full momentum and in control but due to a critical mistake, he lost the round via Ring-Out after BladedSnake took advantage. BladedSnake did not waste any time to attack in the final round and took out everything against his frustrated opponent and won the set (and the tournament) with a boot to the latter’s face. As such, a champion was crowned.

The last hit of the tournament


With entertaining matches from the top 4 competitors and a great cast of commentators, the Filipino community featured young and talented players that could steadily improve to make the SCVI known in the country. Hopefully the community continues to grow that would make the game have its come back in the tournament next year.


c(x) | BladedSnake – Siegfried

c(x) | Melpoli – Xianghua, Amy

GM | SideStepLance – Raphael

4 – Barok – 2B

5 – Graf – Nightmare

5 – c(x) | HeneralShang – Seong Mi-Na

7 – AlphaMJB – Nightmare

7 – David Go – Groh


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