OzHadou Nationals 16 Results and Summary

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OzHadou Nationals 16

The OzHadou Nationals 16 is one of Australia’s many major FGC tournaments event and also its longest running one. This event featured multiple esports tournaments and was held on September 20, 2019 and ended on September 22, 2019 in the Bankstown Sports Club located at No. 8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia.


While receiving a small number of entrants, the SOULCALIBUR VI event still featured some of Australia’s best SCVI players. From the 26 entrants who each battled, 8 of them was able to reach the last sections of the tournament. These 8 players included familiar names Runaes, Tomiolly, DaBeast, JEL, zuzu and some new faces including a Tangerine, Milky and ncea.


One of the most interesting things in FGC tournaments are the surprises. This event had a number of it.

Runaes, known as one of the best fighting game pro players in the country due to him reaching regular top positions in different games. In SOULCALIBUR VI, however, he is considered the best in the country.

However, being best does not mean all good news. Other players will be targeting you and upsets sometimes comes. This event just showed one of those.

JEL, a lady who is a regular in top 4 or top 8 in various Australia SCVI major tournaments and a Kilik player, was able to make this major upset against who is dubbed as the “face of evil”.

Game 1 – JEL’s Kilik immediately took 2 wins against Runeas thanks to her great timed counter lethal hits against Seong Mi-Na’s verticals which gave her advantages. Although Runaes was able to return the favor by winning the next round, JEL never faltered and won against their fourth round by a good side step attack.

Game 2 – Runaes did not waste time and took full control of the first match in which he got an RO win. JEL took the second match though by peer play. In the third and fourth match however, Runaes got the wins by his aggressive plays and using Seong Mi-Na’s horizontals more.

Final Game – JEL took full control of the first and second match by not making Runaes breath with Kilik’s alternating high and low attacks. Runaes, however, does not want to lose the set without fighting and won the third match in a close fight. Despite his efforts nonetheless, JEL just has much acquired knowledge on the MU and got a pretty dominant RO win in their final match.

There folks is the biggest surprise of the tournament!


zuzu (left) and Tomiolly (right)

Tomiolly and zuzu were the two most dominant individuals within the top 8.

With Runaes out of his way in the winner’s column, Tomiolly took immediate advantage and avoided an upset against DaBeast’s Astaroth. He was then ready for JEL during the winner’s finals and rather staying with his 2B against his opponents Kilik, he instead used Xianghua to counter the MU and got a pretty convincing 3-0 set win against JEL for him to enter the Grand Finals.

Zuzu, on the other hand, was likewise unstoppable with his Tira despite the grind needed starting the top 8 in loser’s. Proving that he is one of the top players of the country, he was undefeated on his way to the loser’s finals by getting 2-0 set wins against ncea, Runaes and a Tangerine. In the loser’s finals however, he was up against JEL who made his path harder. Despite an even match and close set however, he managed to clutch the set and got a 3-2 win against the strong lady.

And such, the Grand finals is underway between Tomiolly on the winner’s side and zuzu from the loser’s.

Game 1 – Tomiolly decided to return playing his 2B and immediately attack his opponent with the character’s relentless attack which got him a quick first win. Despite the immediate pressure, zuzu adjusted quickly and got three straight wins against his aggressive opponents by patiently countering the latter with Tira’s counters and damaging combos.

Game 2 – Finding that aggressiveness won’t win him the match, Tomiolly quickly changed his gears to a more patient gameplay. Due to this, he won the first match. However, showing just how good he is, zuzu was pretty much in advantage of the mind games between the two and won the next two matches. Tomiolly though was not affected and won the fourth match by further changing his game to using 2B’s horizontals repeatedly to counter zuzu’s side steps and would only opt to use verticals when the latter makes mistakes. In the last round, with the two competitors having two full guages, Tomiolly got the win by using his guages earlier than his opponent.

Game 3 – In their first match, zuzu managed to get a clutch win by hitting his opponents a CE from an RE battle. In the second match, Tomiolly got the win by attacking early. Tomiolly continued the pressure and got the third match. In the fourth match, zuzu even the match by having another clutch win. In the final match, having two full gauge advantage, Tomiolly did not waste time to use it and got a close win against zuzu by taking advantage of 2B’s long range attack to take the last hit.

Game 4 – First match was close between the two but Tomiolly was able to get away from it by pressuring zuzu during the final seconds. Tomiolly got his next straight win by continuing the pressure against zuzu. Although zuzu got the next win to stay alive in the tournaments, Tomiolly’s pressuring attacks was too much for him and he lost the Grand Finals.

Despite the Grand Finals ended fast, the match was closer than what the set shows. With the win, Tomiolly officially won the tournament from a hard fought battle against a valiant zuzu.


With the event featuring a Grand Finals against two competitors adjusting their game against each other, two FGC ladies (JEL and Milky) in the top which showed us quality play and a very funny and somewhat “colorful” commentaries, the event is very fun to watch and showed us a community that is great!

Brackets link :


Stream VOD links

Pools and first part of the top 8: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/484338508

Top 4: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/484363161

Credits to Runaes for streaming the tournament!


Tomiolly2B, Xianghua

Zuzu – Tira

JEL– Kilik

4 – a Tangerin – Ivy

5 – DaBeast Astaroth

5 – RunaesSeong Mi-Na

7 – MilkyXianghua

7 – nceaSeong Mi-Na

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