Motohiro Okubo interview with DOT ESPORTS

author image by Tselelleb | 0 Comments | September 25, 2019

Motohiro Okubo, SOULCALIBUR VI’s producer and a fan favorite among its players, sat down with Dot Esports for an interview regarding the events occurring within the game. Some questions he answered includes how the community had helped in making the game known within the FGC, how its popularity among the community changed their mentality in balancing the game between casuals and competitors and the process of choosing crossovers with others games to be implemented to SCVI. In the final moments, he also gave his message for the fans of the game.

It is a great article and I recommend everyone take some of their time to read it since it shows how the beloved producer treasures its community and gamers and his visions for the future.

For the full article and interview, find it here.

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