Meet Xephukai : Champion of DREAMHACK ATLANTA 2019

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Nick Name: Xephukai
Name: Sean Ruben Paquette
Age: 27 (2019)
City: Houston, Texas

Occupation: Cook/Barback

One of SCV’s top players, he had a rougher path in SOULCALIBUR VI wherein he was up and down in his tournament placings. However, as clearly seen in his performances during the Kumite tournaments, he can show glimpses of his potential to dominate the game when he is in momentum.

In DreamHack Atlanta 2019, he officially established himself as the best Sophitia player of the game and one of USA’s top players by showing flawless gameplay with the character to win the tournament coming from the loser’s side of the top 8.

From the same performance, it might be an indication that he finally got his confidence back and could be a hint of more successes in the future.

Xephukai in Depth

What’s the reason you got this playertag ?

My FGC handle is actually really simple… it’s two words put together/RahXephon (and anime) and Mukai (KOF character) put together to make “Xephukai.”

What was/were the previous SOULCALIBUR titles you played competitively?

I competed in SCIV, SCV and now SCVI. In SCIV I didn’t win any majors, but I did win the All-Rock tournament at FSAK! I was an upcoming player from online in SCIV.

In SCV, I was regarded as one of the best throughout the world. Winning multiple majors, two NECs, MLG Raleigh in 2012 and placing 5TH at Evo 2012 for SCV.
Also was considered the best American representative until the ending days of SCIV.

In SOULCALIBUR VI, which one of your tournament performances were the most memorable for you?

Most memorable? I definitely enjoyed both the KIT’s I went to, because they were ran very smoothly. I also loved LCQ since the competition was just so high, and a lot of my great friends were there.

On the other hand, which moment/battle (win or lose) were the most memorable for you in your SOULCALIBUR VI career?

Most memorable battle is definitely against OmegaXCN at April Annihilation.

He’s a good friend of mine, but I underestimated him.

He showed me a lot about where I stand in SCVI and myself as a competitor in general from my loss to him. That matched help sparked me getting better.

What gave you the inspiration to play the game on the competitive/tournament level?

Actually have to give it to my old mentor KrayzieCD. I would dominate people online in SCIV, except him, and he welcomed me to the scene by showing me and inviting me over to California for his offline gathering sessions. Definitely taught me a lot and pushed me to go compete.

Who is/are the character/s you consider are your real main/s for tournaments and why?

Sophitia is my main, and Xianghua is my secondary. Sophitia is my main because she reflects how I want to play on a real level. I like strong, solid, no gimmick play and she can embody that at times.

Xianghua I feel helped me learn the SCVI game on a different level. Very tricky, and creative character.

If you could describe your style of play, how would you describe it?

hmmm this one is kind of difficult for me to answer… but I like to bully people. I also think I thrive off making solid reads and I tend to play the player rather than just play the character.

How do you prepare for this tournament?

How did I prepare for DreamhackATL19? Well, I actually prepared more so with taking care of my body and mind with physical fitness and dieting and sobriety… funny enough.

Other than that, I did play some friends and I am fortunate enough to have offline competition with my local scene.

Is there any player that you would like to fight against in particular?

There’s a lot of players I would love to play.

Keev is one of my favorites, Shining Decopon is another player I have yet to play ever!

hmm… I also greatly admire players like Linkrkc and Ramon and Lolo and LostProvidence and Hawkeye. I want to play everyone! Let’s throw in Ruka and Shiwapon and Yuttotto in there as well!

Any final words to say?

In SCIV all I wanted was to do well.

In SCV, all I wanted was to win after awhile… and in SCVI, I still want to do well and win, but I’ve found love in building the communities up. I think I’m getting old.
Also, people need to sleep on me more. It makes winning that much more satisfying!

Oh, and Thank you Okubo! You’re amazing.

Notable Wins

  • Blueboy (KITX)
  • Partywolf (DHATL19)
  • Signia (LCQ)
  • OmegaXCN (LCQ)
  • Rikuto (KITX)

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