Meet DarthSeppius : Champion of MadridFGC

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Nick Name: DarthSeppius
Name: Francesco Sorice
Age: 30 (2019)
City: London

Occupation: Software Developer

Notable Wins

DeusKalya Aeon
WGC Cannes 2013 in pools

WGC Cannes 2013 in pools


Community Calibur losers demi

DarthSeppius in Depth

What’s the reason you got this playertag ?

The main reason for the DarthSeppius playertag is coming from both StarWars love and the love for Greyjoy House in the Game of Thrones Board Game.
In Italian (since I am Italian) the emblem of the Greyjoy house can be called in a fan way as “Seppia” (instead of the Kraken), so since I was always playing that house in the game I got the nickname of Seppius.

What was/were the previous SOULCALIBUR titles you played competitively?

I have played SOULCALIBUR since SOULCALIBUR IV, but competitively since SOULCALIBUR V. The main achievement for SOULCALIBUR V was Cannes 2012 where I got 13th to the WGC.

In SOULCALIBUR VI, which one of your tournament performances were the most memorable for you?

In SOULCALIBUR VI the most memorable ones are:
– the 3rd SOULCALIBUR VI MADRID tournament where I got 1st
– the CommunityCalibur, Sept 2019 where I got 3rd
– the CT 2019 in Dublin where I got 6th
– SOULCALIBUR ITA PC online tournament where I got 2nd

On the other hand, which moment/battle (win or lose) were the most memorable for you in your SOULCALIBUR VI career?

The memorable battles in SOULCALIBUR VI are:
– Loser Final against AndyrooSC in the CommunityCalibur
– Loser Semi against WolfLoneThe in Battle of Destiny
– Winner Top 8 round one against Kayane at CT 2019
– Loser Top 8 against Angelo (aka HeadCheese)
– Loser Finals against HeadCheese in the SOULCALIBUR ITA PC online tournament
– Grand Final against Shyriu at the 3rd SOULCALIBUR VI Madrid Tournament
– Casual fights with Keev and Skyll at the VSF in Birmingham, there were amazing sets

What gave you the inspiration to play the game on the competitive/tournament level?

The inspiration to play the game competitively was coming mostly from the Italian community during the times of SOULCALIBUR IV, especially from xxxSatanaxxx, UgoIvy, and Deyan87.
They were basically destroying me all the time so that I can learn how to deal with all the basics of SOULCALIBUR. xxxSatanaxxx and UgoIvy, in particular,(that he was already a competitive player) were encouraging me to go an test my skills in offline tournaments, and that’s where all started.

Who is/are the character/s you consider are your real main/s for tournaments and why?

I have always player Cervantes as the main character in tournaments. I have played him in SOULEDGE (SOULBLADE) and I loved him since then (even if I was little and not playing the game competitively). I have played Setsuka (SCIV) and Algol (SCV) as secondary char but only once in a tournament, I feel more comfortable with Cervantes during competitions.

If you could describe your style of play, how would you describe it?

My playstyle is quite aggressive, usually. I rather go for the offense than being backdashing all the time. As a Cervantes player, I like to play a more neutral game and poke rather than going for the big 50/50 mixups. In tournaments, I usually use a mix of aggressive and defensive playstyle depending on the opponent that I am facing.

How do you prepare for this tournament?

The preparation for the tournament was mostly checking who is in the brackets/pools for labbing some techs better against certain characters. Usually, I don’t like to play a lot the day before the tournament because I prefer to save the energies for the competition.

Is there any player that you would like to fight against in particular?

I would like to fight against Skyll, since he is now the best I think, I would like to learn from him more 🙂

Any final words to say?

I just want to thank the two communities that are supporting me a lot, which are the Italian Soul Calibur Community and the UK Soul Calibur Community.
Without them, I wouldn’t have achieved anything, because playing with so many good players is stimulating me a lot to always do better!
In particular thanks to xxxSatanaxxx, UgoIvy, Deyan87, AndyrooSC, SsylusSC, HeadCheese, Myloes, Neon!
Also a big thanks to some members of the FR SOULCALIBUR Community that are always willing to play with me: DTN and Keev! Big thanks also to you guys!

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