Meet Andyroo : Champion of Meltdown

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Nick Name: Andyroo
Name: Andrew David Smith
Age: 25 (2019)
City: Derby UK England

Occupation: Sky Call Centre Advisor

Andyroo in Depth

What’s the reason you got this playertag ?

Playertag: play on words with Andrew ‘Andy – roo’ thought it sounded similar.

What was/were the previous SOULCALIBUR titles you played competitively?

Past SC games: SC4 where it started at the end of its life, played SC5 competitively ZWEI was my main and I played in 3 tourneys in London ‘Edge Master Series’ that I played 9th in 2015 I beat

‘ Voldo in pools that year very proud moment!

In SOULCALIBUR VI, which one of your tournament performances were the most memorable for you?

SC6 tourney best tourney performance May Sakura Fight Festa I played really well not dropping a game.

On the other hand, which moment/battle (win or lose) were the most memorable for you in your SOULCALIBUR VI career?

Most memorable was VSF July 2019 finally beating

in top8 after him eliminating me in 6 SC6 tourneys before that, I almost beat

in my match after that getting to 2-2 final round vs him.

What gave you the inspiration to play the game on the competitive/tournament level?

-inspired to get good with my low tier character ZWEI in SC5 being able to take on players who was meant to have better characters and then I discovered 8wayrun and @DrakeAldan guides.

Who is/are the character/s you consider are your real main/s for tournaments and why?

-Zasalamel is my only character right now he’s really cool, interesting and fun to play.

If you could describe your style of play, how would you describe it?

-style of play neutral based with pokes, whiff punishing, getting curses and winning with big timestop combos, 50/50s and ring outs.

How do you prepare for this tournament?

I prepare for tourneys by labbing characters who I know I is going to the tournements to make sure I know basic punishes.

Is there any player that you would like to fight against in particular?

I would really like to fight @Omegazas since fans of him call him the best Zas and I want to claim that title ;]

Any final words to say?

Thank you for supports I will continue to rock the Zas and maintain the Zasalamel Discord, also sign the ZWEI petition!

Notable Wins

@Saitoh92 (VSF)
@D_JP9 WolfLoneThe-  (Weapon master-Feb, Revolver-July, and Meltdown-Dec)

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