Kumite in Tennessee 2020 Results, Summary and Highlights

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Kumite in Tennessee 2020

Kumite in Tennessee or otherwise know simply as KiT, one of many tournaments organized by Kumite Gaming, returns for another action packed showcase of fighting game event held January 4, 2020 up to January 6, 2020 in Franklin Marriott Cool Springs located at No. 700 Cool Springs Blvd., Franklin, Tennessee, USA. Garnering more than 500 entrants in its many FGC tournaments despite not sponsoring a single tour event and showing some slick trophy designs, it showed proof just how the event is loved, backed and supported by its community. Without further ado, let us start.


The SOULCALIBUR VI event of the tournament received a decent number of 43 participants. Although much smaller compared last year, it’s not without its own great players.

Defending Champion Mick (Credits to TramTramPhotos)

Most notable among its list of competitors is defending champion Mick, who we all remember won the tournament with his Xianghua the previous year, beating Xephukai (also another competitor in the event) in the Grand Finals. However, this event turned out much disappointing for the defending champ as he immediately lost his first match of the pools against Twice-a-Day’s Kilik and even though showing some fight in the loser’s bracket, he eventually got eliminated by N3cromaster. Due to this, one of the event’s favorites got surprising early exit out of the tournament.  As such, no matter what happens, a new champion will emerge.

This champion will be found among the top 8 players left in the event, the fighters who managed to get through that part were Twice-a-Day, Honest, BxA | Xephukai, Xlan59 in the winner’s bracket and FLOOFY | Parodyyy 2, LMNY | Cry-Wolv, BTD and Animefreak rounding up the loser’s bracket.


Broken Alliance‘s Xephukai

With Mick already out of the tournament, Xephukai is definitely the favorite to win the tournament and finally has a great chance of beating his 2nd place curse. However, a familiar opponent of his would stand in his way.

Showing early dominance in the top 8, Xephukai dominated the promising Xlan59 who’s Voldo was making a noise in the tournament right out of the 1st round almost sweeping the round wins with his Sophitia. Next up, meeting him in the Winner’s Finals is Honest, who for everyone’s information is formerly Lost Providence who was one of the top USA players during its SoulCalibur V era and a familiar opponent for Xephukai whom he had clashed with many times in the past. However, as good as Honest displayed with his Cassandra and Talim which the 2nd character gave Xephukai a serious run for his money, the latter still won despite the difficult challenge from the former with a 3-2 lead showcasing top-level Sophitia game and with a B to punish Honest’ Reversal Edge Attempt to reach the Grand Finals. However, his wait won’t come long as Honest unsurprisingly dominated his opponent in the Loser’s Finals easily dismantling Cry-Wolv’s Azwel using Talim in order to have another get go against him in the Finale.

Familiar Foes

Starting the Finals, Xephukai’s Sophitia and Honest’ Talim got close again during the first match reaching equilibrium of 2-2. In the final round, Honest had advantage in terms of meter and with him activating Soul Charge early in the round. However, Xephukai got the better of him and hit him with a well-timed 66B which the former continued with a flurry of attacks to pressure the latter. When Honest’s Soul Charge ended, Xephukai used his only meter to activate Sophitia’s Soul Charge to finish the match. With a delayed B again to punish Honest’s Reversal Edge attempt, Xephukai won Game 1.

Battle of the Greeks

Game 2, finding Talim ineffective against Xeph, Honest returned playing Cassandra which turned out somewhat a right choice when he won the 1st round with some adjustments to his game playing more patient poke game. However, although the next three matches were close, all was clutched out by Xephukai who had an advantage in the punish game and took advantage of the latter’s lack of knowledge with Sophitia’s new Soul Charge attacks. Now 2-0, Xephukai only needs one more win.

Honest Showing Signs of Life

In Game 3, it looked like Xephukai is finally ending the tournament with his dominating 1st round win and in great advantage during the 2nd round. Honest, on the other hand, showed he does not lose that easy as he made a roaring come-back win in the 2nd round and did the same again in the 3rd round. In the 4th round, despite heavy disadvantage whereas he has zero meter versus his opponent’s full meter, Honest was unfazed and in still in momentum as he beat Xephukai convincingly ending the match with a jump B to show some life in the Grand Finals.

As respectable as Honest’s Game 3 performance, Xephukai showed why he is a champion and decided to end the Grand Finals. Sweeping up Game 4, Xephukai exhibited commanding wins against a worthy opponent in order to win Grand Finals ending it with a Sophitia new Soul Charged attack whilst also ending the tournament as its champion.

Ending the Tournament


The Champion Xephukai (credits to TramTramPhotos)

During the last year, two Kumite Gaming events were held to feature SOULCALIBUR VI, namely, Kumite in Tennessee 2019 and Kumite in Texas 2019. The Grand finals of those two tournaments had a common denominator, that is, Xephukai was a participant of both Grand Finals. However, despite showing great game in those two Grand Finale, he lost it against eventual champions Mick and DF | Saiyne, respectively. Despite this, Xephukai never stopped improving and learning the game better and he was rewarded for it by finally winning Kumite in his third attempt, a third time’s a charm indeed for this great player. Can we call him now the King of Kumite’s SOULCALIBUR VI? Not yet, but he is definitely the prime candidate for it. Congratulations!

The Top Three with Previous Champion Mick


BxA | Xephukai – Sophitia

Honest – Cassandra, Talim

LMNY | Cry-Wolv – Azwel

4 – Twice-a-Day – Kilik

5 – BTD – Xianghua, Azwel

5 – Xlan59 – Voldo

7 – Animefreak – 2B

7 – FLOOFY | Parodyyy 2 – Raphael


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