Kayane won Celtic Throwdown 2019

Kayane won CELTIC THROWDOWN 2019

Orange | Kayane has not only won Celtic Throwdown 2019, but also her first Soulcalibur VI Contest !
The TOP 8 Evo 2019 has shown us some solid skills and proven that she’s still one of the best Soulcalibur VI players in the world.

Her main character is 2B from Nier Automata, and, fun fact, the creator  Yoko Taro himself thanked and congratulated Kayane for her TOP 8 at Evo 2019.

Top 8

Top 8 – ©Vexanie

Not an easy victory

For people who thought that the TOP 8 Evo 2019 would eat every single player easily, know that they were clearly wrong.
Kayane’s journey went pretty smoothly before losing 3-2 to Yuzu | Ganondeurf in the Winners finals.
Sent to Losers Finals, she had a very tense match against Angelo from Greece, escaping with a very tight 3-2 against his deadly Cervantes.
For sure, this player is for real and we can’t wait to see him in the next events.

Then she went to the Grand Finals to spar once again against ganondeurf.

Even though she had a rocky start in the earliest parts of the confrontation, she adapted and managed to reset the bracket in an impressive 3-1 display of power and followed through with another 3-1 match !

Big shout out to Italian Players

A simple look at the top 8 shows 3 Italians players :

They did well until they played against the GateKeeper Astaroth played by the solid UK player @Scotvenom and by the Cervantes’ Angelo.

Even if France dominated the european scene from the beginning, it is very likely that such a victory will motivate other countries to take action in the future in order to defend their honor.



Orange | Kayane2B

Yuzu | GanondeurfAzwel

Angelo – Cervantes


5 Ugoivy – Kilik


 7 FinnMcCoolio – Talim

8 Michh – Sophitia

Celtic Throwdown 2019

For the last three years, Celtic Throwdown has been one of Ireland’s biggest and most exciting competitive gaming events. And this year it’s growing even stronger, being one of eleven Global Premier events on the Capcom Pro Tour 2019

It’s not just about playing in competitions though. It’s hosting previews for upcoming games, has a famous gaming quiz and an abundance of casual set ups to play on. If you just want to relax or enjoy the drama unfold, you can watch the tournaments on the huge spectator screens. You never know what answer you’ll find in the heat of battle !


You can see some beautiful pics of the event taken by the talented Vexanie in her Portfolio:

Stehanie “Vexanie” Lindgren is a freelance photographer who has an incredibly strong portfolio and a great esports background.

Big Thanks to commentators

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