Geekdom 2019 Results, Summary and Highlights

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Now we are going to the middle-east scene where SOULCALIBUR VI was featured in Geekdom 2019, an annual FGC event held in Katara Cultural Village in Doha, Qatar on November 21, 2019 up to November 23, 2019. Featuring 30 entrants all around the Arab nations, this tournament showed a top 8 of great gameplay amongst its best of the night of which includes Lebanon’s Magus, Jordan’s Nello, and Qatar’s own Trafalgarlaww013, Kengo, Mohammed Howard, Soul Eater, Prince M and Killer7.

The Mage reigned Supreme!

The Top 8

There are some notable stories held during the tournament like the vast number of disqualifications at the start of the pools, the strong competition in the loser’s side of the top 8 and Kengo’s shocking forfeiture during the loser’s finals despite a strong showing in the top 8 tournament. However, there is only one storyline that tops them all and that is how Magus won with his Azwel undefeated in match set the WHOLE tournament!

Exhibiting his supremacy, Magus sweeped Mohammed Howard and Kengo to reach the Grand Finals

Starting out the pools, Magus’ path is just few paths of the night wherein he never faced a DQ’d opponent until the top 8. Despite this, he streamlined everyone 2-0’ing the likes of Killer7, Naz and Prince M to reach the winner’s side of top 8. In the top 8, Magus never stopped his streak when he also 2-0’d Mohammed Howard’s Geralt during winner’s semi-finals and 3-0’ing Kengo’s Siegfried showing his knowledge of different match-ups with the powerful Azwel to dominate the two mentioned fighters.

Meeting Magus (with the glasses) in the Grand Finals is the resilient Trafalgarlaww013

In the Grand Finals, he met the resilient Trafalgarlaww013’s Maxi who unlike him had a much tougher path in the loser’s side of the tournament (although skipping the loser’s finals due to the unexpected forfeiture of Kengo) but still featured great gameplay to reach the finale of the tournament. But despite Trafalgarlaww013’s great performance, his Grand Finals matchup with Magus was literally one-sided.

The first match ended fast with Magus dominating his opponent. In the next round, Trafalgarlaww013 performed strong but still fell victim to Magus’ comeback in the final seconds. In the 3rd round, Magus’ spacing game using Azwel’s longer reach against his opponent’s Maxi was very effective wherein not only did he dominate the round again but ended it in a fast Ring Out win.

Staying the same desert stage, the whole first three rounds of the match was again just a one-sided dominance by Magus again using Azwel’s superior range to thwart Maxi’s attempt to start any momentum. Ending the final round with another dominating Ring Ourt win, Magus was only one match set away from winning the tournament.

In their 3rd match and possible the finale of the tournament, it turned out another strong showing by Magus’ Azwel of which Trafalgarlaww013 never found an answer during their matches. Although his opponent performed better in the 3rd round of the final set making his Azwel one hit away of losing his first round loss of the match, Magus’ patience and knowledge of the Match-up was enough for him to make a dominating come-back, ending the finale and the tournament with an Azwel Soul Charged jumping A+B. Exhibiting his Azwel prowess, Magus not only 3-0’d Trafalgarlaww013 but also 9-0’d him in the round category. With his win the finals, Magus’s streak was never tarnished and he won the 1st with an undefeated record set of 6-0 (tournament set) or 14-0 (match set) which includes the matches he got through in the pools and the top 8.

Magus ending the match undefeated all throughout the tournament!

The Middle-East Scenery

Showing its competitors, the middle-east part of the world is also feeling the power of Azwel of which considered by many as either broken or deserving a ban in tournaments due to him having the strength equaling a boss character. Considering him dominating tournaments in every part of the world, maybe this criticism has a valid basis after all. But with the upcoming Season 2 which will come on November 25-16, 2019. The upcoming balance adjustments might make the necessary changes to the character to make this criticisms to fade away.

Overall, Geekdom 2019 featured some interesting talents among its competitor especially the QatarFGC (also Lebanon and Jordan) which deserves recognition. Watch the tournament (link below) to see this great event!

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Magus – Azwel

Trafalgarlaww013 – Maxi

Kengo – Siegfried

4 – Mohammed Howard – Geralt, Nightmare

5 – Nello – Cervantes

5 – Prince M – Raphael

7 – Killer7 – Mitsurugi

7 – Soul Eater – Seong Mi-Na

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