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First Name: Martin
Location: London, England
Age: 22
Occupation: Gamer
Hobbies: Gaming, anime, music
Favourite Games: LoZ: Ocarina of Time, Soul Calibur 3, Pokémon Platinum/Heart Gold/Soul Silver, Kid Icarus Uprising, Celeste (no particular order other than OoT being at the top)
Soulcalibur Characters: Xianghua, VERY pocket Geralt/Sophitia.

How did your SoulCalibur journey begin?
I played Soul Calibur 3 as a kid, and I decided to get a PS4+Soul Calibur 6 when my Canadian friend said he was buying it. Got me hooked on fighting games and now I play Soul Calibur 6 and Tekken 7 at tournaments (albeit pretty badly lol). My first Soul Calibur 6 tournament was Community Calibur in London late last year, and since then I’ve been a regular attendee at the Meltdown tournaments and ELF offline tournaments, as well as going to Fighting Friday most weeks before lockdown.

What do you love the most about SoulCalibur?
It is a bit of a link back to my childhood, as I played a lot of Soul Calibur 3 as a kid when I didn’t know what the buttons did. I actually prefer the more restrictive character creator in that game and miss the special custom character classes like Dancer, as well as the generally better single player modes, but I really like how 6 plays—I love how responsive the 8 way run is and how the game has a lot of depth without some of Tekken’s more abstruse mechanics/bottomless move lists.

What are your goals as a SoulCalibur player?
To get better and to have fun, because that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.

More about me: I’m a bit of a Nintoddler and I play lots of Pokémon. I play Alisa in Tekken and generally think of myself as a defensive player. I mostly like playing small and slowly chipping away at my opponent’s health—flashing lights and intense offence don’t really interest me, hence my character choices. I’m a classically trained hornist, though I’ve hardly picked it up in the past 2 years, and I spend most of my spare time listening to VGM. I enjoy watching anime every now and again—I like artsy stuff, 90s/2000s goodstuff, and relaxing shows mostly, although really I’m easy to please provided the show isn’t just everyone being really loud all the time. Also my current online setup is next to my front door. My sense of humour mostly boils down to me saying “gamer” or “gaming” regardless of whether there is any meaningful context.
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Hi there fellow gamer! ^^
Soul Calibur 3 had some very interesting contents with the unique fighting styles like the dancer, the grieve edge, and even the lance and extendable fighting staff and more. I enjoy listening to VGM's too. There's been moments when I go on the game just to hear them, or even admire the visuals of the characters and the details of the fighting stages. Always interesting to learn about your preference in fighting style. Defense is certainly the best offense. ^^

It's also interesting how the characters we main reflects our preferred fighting styles. Gotta love the interesting play on the title, "Soul Calibur" There's a soul for every gamer in this franchise. XD