How to Make a Good Presentation!


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Hi guys!

This forum gives players the opportunity to get to know each other better.
Too many time I went to a tournament and did not talk to a guy which I use to communicate by chat or forum and in real life during a tournament, do not even talk to him as i do not know what he looks like :cautious:.
To ensure that this never happens again, please add a picture with your best look :cool:

1568933968992.pngFirst Name: Real First Name
Location: Country - City
Favourite Games:
Soulcalibur Characters:

How did your journey on SoulCalibur start ?
What do you love the most about SoulCalibur ?
What are your goals as a SoulCalibur player ?

More about you:
You can write what ever you want to know you better !

If you have others suggestions to add, feel free to reply!
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