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Hi everyone! I'm Ren, a casual gamer. The first SC game I ever played was III (about nine years ago), and this series has been one of my favorite franchises since then.
I main Cassandra — her fun personality and quirky fight style got me! — and Yun-seong. Sometimes I see people saying he has the same style of Hwang, but reading this really upsets me! They're actually very different, even more than Cass and Soph. 😅 Yun has his unique crane stance, flashy kicks and certain sets are kinda acrobatic. Some of my favorite moves are his Wagging Tail, Tempest Kick, Fire Storm and Blazing Tempest! ^o^

Oh, and sometimes I play around with Grøh, but just for fun. I'm kinda bad using him lol

Hope we can have a nice time together! :giggle: