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First Name: Joey
Location: United States, New York
Age: 42 (Though it's just a number really. I don't even look it. XD)
Occupation: Cleaner on cruise yachts
Volenteer: Keyboard player and singer of a worship team and various other activities at my Christian Church ministry
Hobbies: Writer, artist, musician, composer, reading, casual gaming, researching, striving for self improvement "tactical improvising" (Um...it's a long story. XD)
on rare occasions: dance, filming, video editing, Etc. Just naming the most frequent activities. XD
Favorite games: Soul Calibur Series, Metal Gear Solid Series, There are many other games I enjoy, but I'll just mention the only two that I actually researched on wikkia most frequently. ^^
Soul Calibur Characters: I mained Mitsurugi ever since Soul Blade. The only character I know all the move sets. I also enjoyed playing Hwang, from Soul Blade and SC3, and the Katana fighting style from the Samurai Job, which used to be my personal trump card against challenging AI's in the game. XD I dabbled with every other characters just for fun and inspiration, and also to predict and adapt other play style, to my Mitsurugi style. It helps to be tactical. or at least I try to be. XD

How did your journey on Soul Calibur Start?
It all started back when "Soul Edge" was an arcade game. My first pick was a rugged spikey haired character that seemed like the Ryu of Soul Blade at the time, Mitsurugi. And I fell in love with his fierce fighting style, and the lore of the game. My sister picked Taki, and we began a Samurai vs. Ninja rivalry that lasted through out the series. I loved the characters the story, the romantasized history, the visuals the soundtracks, the series has had this epic substance to it that really captured my imagination, sort of like a camp fire story of adventure, only you get to be a part of it through gameplay.

What do you love the most about Soul calibur?
I love how immersive the Soul Calibur Universe is. Especially with the introduction of CAS modes from Soul Calibur 3 where we can customize our characters.
I enjoyed the Soul Calibur world so much that I couldn't help but customize an in-game version of myself, just to see myself go face to face with the canon characters and even enjoy some interactions with them. I was especially happy with the "Libra of Souls" mode where I got to travel with my favorite main, and pal, Mitsurugi. LOL Also, I enjoyed the fluid fighting mechanics of the game. The timing, spacing, and basics, really help a casual gamer like myself. I may not know all the mechanics of the game but if I stick to the standards with Mitsurugi, I can still enjoy an epic match, and learn a thing or two along the way.

What are your goals as a Soul Calibur Player?
Well, I've always been a casual player. I wish I could play competitively, but I hardly have the time anymore to keep up with
the latest mechanics, so I stick to playing offline with my sister. Unless I know the mechanics as "intimately" as online gamers do,
all my Mitsurugi skills would just fly out the window. LOL
As a writer and artist, I have been inspired to do fan works as a fun hobby. I was so invested in the franchise that I made a student video back in college, where I interacted with the canon characters through use of dialogue in the SC3 game, and used my in-game persona as the main character of a fan fiction story. My most recent video I have done was a fun character trailer of my persona. Honestly, I don't know how far I'd go with my fandom, but whenever I feel inspired enough, the Soul Calibur had been the only gaming franchise that I had ever felt this invested to do fan works as my side projects. There's just something about it that made that much of an impact to me.

More about you: I'm currently writing a novel and working on a graphic novel of an original story of mine. Over 8 years as a work in progress, which is based on my personal life experience. The story will be told in a visual metaphor under the genre of science fiction fantasy. In the mean time, Soul Calibur has been one of the major sources of inspirations along with the original Star Wars Trilogy and many other epics that I have grown up with. And I hope that I can make just as much of an impact as many great works, has already done. It's a bit of a long road for me, but anything is possible.

Here's a link to my first student college/ fan film

Interactive Warrior Part one:
Interactive Warrior Part two:

And here's my most recent video. I had to make another account, since I forgot the password to my former account, and even that of my older email. ^^;

I hope everyone enjoyed the read and fan fillms. :)