Add Hilde to Soulcalibur VI Petition #HildeForSCVI


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Hello fellow Soulcalibur enthusiasts!

I wanted to share a community petition that was made to show support for adding Hilde as a character in Season 2 or later.

In order to make the petition as accessible as possible we had it written in English, French, Japanese, and Russian to get as many Soulcal communities as possible.

If you are like the 635+ that have signed it so far and would like Hilde back, please sign and share (super helpful and important)!

With enough of us behind this, I am sure Bandai Namco will respond to our burning souls!

You can find the petition by clicking here. #HildeForSCVI
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Just a quick update! Signees have continued which is great, but if you want to ensure Bandai Namco gets the message and that Hilde gets into the game you can help in the following ways:
  • Sign the Petition: Your support matters, its one small step in the direction of making this happen!
  • Share the Petition: Looking at the data and the rate of people signing, shares make a huge difference! And if you have shared it already, sharing it again while using the hashtag #HildeForSCVI helps too! Petition link in post above.
  • Engage Your Friends in Other Regions: The majority of support for Hilde has stemmed from North America so far which is amazing (see chart below for region breakdown), but the petition was written in English, French, Japanese, and Russian to get as many communities behind it as possible. If you know player's in these communities letting them know about this petition could make a huge difference!
Thanks for the support Hilde lovers.



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We did it ladies and gentleman, Hilde has just been announced as the first character to be released for Season 2. This is exciting news as she was not considered to be one of the likely front runners by most of the community. Likely we influenced this as signees! Thank you for signing, and sharing. WE DID IT!!!


Check out the trailer for Hilde here.

Further, if you want to join the newly formed Hilde discord there are currently two options:
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