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  1. Maxi

    [Kayane Session][23/09/2019] Who's Who

    Le lien officiel va être annoncé d'ici peu, car on travaille sur quelques modifications actuellement.
  2. Maxi

    [Kayane Session][23/09/2019] Who's Who

    Merci, je viens de vous ajouter:
  3. Maxi

    UK player photos - Community Calibur

    Thx, can you write the name of the city for each player please (some are not in the map)? I'm currently doing the map for UKplayers and it will help me a lot:
  4. Maxi

    Hello Soulcal Pals!

    Welcome Nathan! Twisted Metal 2, i played this games so much! Love the Paris' stage to destroy Eiffel tower haha
  5. Maxi

    UK player photos - Community Calibur

    Nice! Do you think you can get the city from players? I'm working on a Players map world like this:
  6. Maxi

    Bring Back Aeon for SC6!

    I remember that some players was really strong with Lizard man in Soulcalibur 1! However, even if Season 2 is his best chance, i do not think he will be back. His design is not stylish as someone like Hwang. But Namco can make me wrong :)
  7. Maxi

    [Kayane Session][23/09/2019] Who's Who

    Hi! There was so much people that i probably know only 10 per cent of you. Please tell me which number you are :) I will be able to call you by your name each of you next time !
  8. Maxi

    [Kayane Session][21/09/2019] Intense Aftermatch Jason vs Aelz

    Some people think that Jason is more dangerous after while during the match . To be honest, when i was recording this scene, I was ready to call the security guard asap ! If you want to know why, just watch it ! Watch the full match here:
  9. Maxi

    Welcome to my profile :)

    First Name: Maximilien Location: FRANCE - Paris Age: 35 Occupation: IT Consultant Hobbies: Manga, Mixed Martial Arts, Photography, Videos, Real Estate Favourite Games: Tekken 3, Tekken Tag, Soulcalibur, Secret of Mana, Arc the Lad 2 Soulcalibur Characters: Xianghua, Voldo How did your...
  10. Maxi

    How to Make a Good Presentation!

    Hi guys! This forum gives players the opportunity to get to know each other better. Too many time I went to a tournament and did not talk to a guy which I use to communicate by chat or forum and in real life during a tournament, do not even talk to him as i do not know what he looks like...