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  1. Tenchi8 Share Your Best Creations!

    Your very welcome. :) That's awesome. It's always interesting to see other people's take on the game, with their own characters as well. :)
  2. Tenchi8

    It's been awhile since I visited here. Seeing some of the gaming tournaments made me wish I was...

    It's been awhile since I visited here. Seeing some of the gaming tournaments made me wish I was part of it, but I just don't have the luxury and means to do so. I've been so busy with many real life things that simply peeking at the tournaments and browse around here is all I could do.
  3. Tenchi8

    Oh ok. 😅

    Oh ok. 😅
  4. Tenchi8 Share Your Best Creations!

    That sounds super cool! I already book marked the web site and it looks very impressive! I came here thinking I could probably show case some fan related content, but I got the strong impression that this community is primarily focused on online competitive tournaments. That's all good and...
  5. Tenchi8

    Cassandra Alexandra in Chibi Form(WIP)

    I like how the chibi version of Cassandra came out. Nicely well done. :)
  6. Tenchi8

    Sup gamers

    Hi there fellow gamer! ^^ Soul Calibur 3 had some very interesting contents with the unique fighting styles like the dancer, the grieve edge, and even the lance and extendable fighting staff and more. I enjoy listening to VGM's too. There's been moments when I go on the game just to hear them...
  7. Tenchi8

    Any Hopes for a Season Pass 3 for SC6?

    I would like to see Hwang and Yun Seong back. They were fun to play with.
  8. Tenchi8

    Summertime with the Greeks

    I like how this came out. They look cute having fun, and I see Cassandra has a basket of their baked bread. XD Nice fan art. :)
  9. Tenchi8

    Enter the Conduit XD First Name: Joey Location: United States, New York Age: 42 (Though it's just a number really. I don't even look it. XD) Occupation: Cleaner on cruise yachts Volenteer: Keyboard player and singer of a worship team and various other...