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    Thank you for saying that. You should definitely set-up a portfolio of your creations on the site! As well, make sure to check out the blog, lots of people that have a narrative story view of the world with the characters they have created have shared some of their stories with their OCs...
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    Hi all! I just wanted to do a quick post here regarding! Its a fan run site that is managed by the community, and populated with creations from the talented character and costume creators in the SOULCALIBUR VI community. The site is intended to act as a portfolio...
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    Nvidia Ansel photo of 2B.

    Wow this is amazing looking!
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    Commission for Okubo and Team for Including Hilde & Doing Such Amazing Work!

    For details regarding who commissioned the artwork and the artist check out my tweet here.
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    Add Hilde to the Character List!

    Looks like Hilde hasn't been added to the individual character forums as of yet. Our queen must be honoured!!! Please add her! :)
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    Add Hilde to Soulcalibur VI Petition #HildeForSCVI

    EXCITING UPDATE!!!! We did it ladies and gentleman, Hilde has just been announced as the first character to be released for Season 2. This is exciting news as she was not considered to be one of the likely front runners by most of the community. Likely we influenced this as signees! Thank you...
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    Hello Soulcal Pals!

    The Paris stage was sooooooooooooo good! Probably the best stage. : )
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    Add Hilde to Soulcalibur VI Petition #HildeForSCVI

    Just a quick update! Signees have continued which is great, but if you want to ensure Bandai Namco gets the message and that Hilde gets into the game you can help in the following ways: Sign the Petition: Your support matters, its one small step in the direction of making this happen! Share the...
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    Hello Soulcal Pals!

    First Name: Nathan Location: Alberta, Canada Age: 36 Occupation: Policy Analyst and Voice Over Actor Hobbies: Gaming (Board and Electronic), Longboarding, Muay Thai. Favourite Games: SOULCALIBUR, Street Fighter, DOOM, Twisted Metal 2. Soulcalibur Characters: Seong Mi-na (main), Mitsurugi (sub)...
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    Add Hilde to Soulcalibur VI Petition #HildeForSCVI

    Hello fellow Soulcalibur enthusiasts! I wanted to share a community petition that was made to show support for adding Hilde as a character in Season 2 or later. In order to make the petition as accessible as possible we had it written in English, French, Japanese, and Russian to get as many...