Electric Cancel 2019 Story Highlights and Summary

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Electric Cancel 2019

Electric Cancel is a 3D-focused tournament event making its return to SoCal on October 6, 2019 and October 7, 2019 at the Esports Orange County in 120 W 5th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701, USA. Being 3D-centric, it featured 3D fighting games like Virtua Fighter 5, Dead or Alive 6, Tekken 7 and SOULCALIBUR VI.


Gathering 38 talented players around California, the war that occurred between each of them left 8 standing fighters fighting for the crown. These 8 players are BDG | Bluegod, BDG | Signia, Tomahawk, Vanity, Deluxium, VeT-WISe, Manta and Yellowtail.


The whole tournament was simply a showcase of dominance by Bluegod (one of the top players in the world) and Signia (one of Cali’s best players) which coincidently are part of the same E-sports team Brutal Democracy Gaming. Their dominance started right out at the first round when these teammates faced-off against each other. Although Signia tried his best to adapt against Bluegod’s Azwel, the latter made an early statement why he is the favorite to win the tournament, by beating his teammate (another favorite to win) with a dominating 2-0 win.


Signia, the neutral king

The King stand tall

Signia would then go down to the loser’s side where his next opponent would be Yellowtail. Starting the first set, Yellowtail’s Geralt started out strong matching Signia’s neutral game with his character’s longer reach. Despite the match being even between the two, Yellowtail tipped the scale by hitting his opponent with a well-timed Critical Edge counter to take the first set. During the next set, Yellow tail continued his momentum winning the first round. Unfortunately for him, Signia took his play up a notched and showed why you could not out-neutral him. Starting from the second round until the last round, Signia showcased his dominance by pressuring and hitting his opponent with Yoshi’s hellsweeps, gauge endhanced attacks and wall-combos. With no real solution to his opponent’s adjustments, Yellowtail lost three straight and the second set. The final set started out between clashes of neutral game between the two. In the end though, it was Signia “the King’s” neutral who won the battle when he RO’d his opponent in the last round and reached the loser’s semis to face-off against Deluxium.

Tomahawk (right) and Bluegod (left) playing Rock, Paper and Scissors

In the upper bracket, Bluegod faced off against Tomahawk in the winner’s finals which gave him a harder time. The first match started unsurprisingly with two straight Bluegod wins. But Tomahawk made adaptations by using Taki’s evades and jumps to dodge Azwel’s counter hits which opened up opportunities to dish out big damage counters which earned his own two straight wins. The last round then reached in a close match between the two which Bluegod survived when he made the last hit against Tomahawk. Despite losing the previous match, Tomahawk was unfazed and continued his adaptations to pressure Bluegod with Taki’s alternating attacks and dodges to confuse the latter. This tactic proved in which he won 3-1. The next match showed his own adaptation to counter his opponent. Using a more cautious approach and using Azwel’s longer reach, Bluegod avoided a melee battle against his opponent’s faster character. Blugod won the first round but Tomahawk took back the second. However, the third and fourth round were both won by Bluegod by showcasing excellent patience in waiting for his opponent to make mistakes to dish out damaging mixups. During the fourth set, Bluegod continued to pressure his opponent and won the first two matches, but Tomahawk managed to get a lucky RO win during the third match. However, for all of Tomahawk’s efforts, he had no answer to Bluegod’s adjustments and lost the set 3-1. Bluegod then sat on his throne waiting for his next opponent in the Grand Finals.

Bluegod finished his opponent with his patented Muscle Buster

Meanwhile, Signia would then start his onslaught in the loser’s bracket starting it against Deluxium, where he defeated the latter’s Cervantes 2-0. He continued this streak when he faced Tomahawk during the winner’s finals. Their Ninja face-off was dominantly won 3-0 by the Manji Clan of which Signia was a notable member. With his streak of convincing wins, its looking like Signia’s momentum would finally bring down the unbreakable wall that surrounds his teammate Bluegod. But…it was not meant to be.

Their Grand Finals rematch was not so different from their previous match-up. Bluegod’s overwhelming and relentless offense with Azwel devastating attacks add that to his knowledge of countering Signia’s gameplay was more than enough his opponent could handle. At the end of their set, it was clearly shown that as great as a Neutral King Signia is, his tactics and expertise are not enough to bring down a god…that is Blue…and his Azwel, considered as the best in the world.

The King bowed down to the Blue


Bluegod – Azwel

Signia – Yoshimitsu

Tomahawk – Taki

4 –  Deluxium – Cervantes

5 – Vanity – Tira

5 – Yellowtail – Geralt

7 – Manta – Voldo

7 – VeT-WISe – Raphael


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