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Community Calibur at the Microsoft Store

Community Calibur is a FREE community event ran by East London Fighters at the newly created and beautiful Microsoft Store located at 253 Regent St, Mayfair, London W1B 2ER, United Kingdom on September 14, 2019. This event was made exclusively for the SOULCALIBUR Players in the region of which got a decent number of Entrants.


Despite getting quite a small number of entrants it does not however lack in talent. Some of the players who entered the tournament are one of UK’s list of top players like Andyroo, Neon, Myloes, ZERO, Silent Joel and othersvisiting from other countries like DarthSeppius.


With the tournament having different interesting storylines like Eyelashwish’s cool Yoshimitsu mixups, Andyroo’s surprise Groh pick during the winner’s finals, ZERO and DarthSeppius’ uphill battle from the loser’s column until their fated match-up in the loser’s semis, there was only one that stood tall among them. It was Myloes’ journey to winning the tournament.

The tournament’s top 8

This achievement of his did not come easy.

His first match was up against Silent Joel which he won fairly well despite the latter changing his character to match Myloes’ Kilik.

The winner’s finals was a more challenging one when he faced off against one of best players in the area in Andyroo. However, he proved he is up to the challenge by beating Andyroo’s main Zasalamel in the first two matches of the set. Andyroo then came with a surprise Groh pick in their third match which might have surprised and thrown off Myloes which caused him losing the third match. Despite changing to Seong Mi-Na to counter Groh’s rush mixups during the fourth match, it would prove ineffective due to Andyroo’s vast knowledge of the match-up. Myloes then decided to return playing Kilik in their last match. Adjusting his game to a more patient approach by taking advantage of Kilik’s range, Guard Impacts and mix-ups, he managed to win a close one against Andyroo to reach the Grand Finals.

It did not take long however for Andyroo to return facing him in the Grand Finals when the former defeated DarthSeppius during the loser’s finals. Learning much from their previous set, Andyroo stayed with his main Zasalamel and played an almost flawless gameplay in order to beat Myloes 3-1 and reset the bracket.

An uncommon time-out win resulted to Myloes winning the tournament

It has been a general knowledge that whenever a reset occurs, players from the winner’s side usually loses composure and confidence, but Myloes proved he was not totally affected  by the reset and showed further adjustments to prove he is a top player in UK. His patience, creative mix-ups, great reads and good decisions evenly matched Andyroo’s which resulted in their set reaching a 2-2 standstill.

During the final match however, Myloes played his best at the right time by finally beating Andyroo 3-0 and clutching the tournament with his Kilik’s great defense as seen in his clutch time-out win in the last match. Thus, a Kilik player was finally crowned as a champion in a tournament.


The top 3 (from left to right; DarthSeppius, Myloes and Andyroo)


One of the game’s producers and fan-favorite Motohiro Okubo once said that it was the community themselves who helped extended SOULCALIBUR VI’s life and which gave them a green light to develop its season two. This tournament is one proof that he said was true with its dedicated organizers and competitors. Kudos to the SCVI UK community and organizer East London Fighter for this well-made event.




Top 8


DF | ELF | Myloes – Kilik, Seong Mi-Na

Andyroo – Zasalamel, Groh

DarthSeppius – Cervantes

4th – ZERO – Nightmare

5th – Neon – Talim

5th – Silent Joel – Cassandra, Cervantes, Siegfried

7th – Eternal Dragon – Mitsurugi

7th – Eyelashwish – Yoshimitsu

  • Myloes says:

    Buff Kilik

    In all seriousness though this is really cool to see, thank you for the write-up and making the UK Scene feel included! 🙂

    • Tselelleb says:

      Buff Kilik? Nerf Myloes then lol.

      Thanks! Congrats for winning the tourney, especially against a known great player in Andyroo. You Kilik players are few but always a sight to see in tournaments. Hope you don’t stop competing and continue supporting the game. I’ll try my best covering as much as possible the SCVI scenes in other countries like yours!

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