CEOtaku 2019 Result and Summary

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CEOtaku is a fighting game convention and tournament mainly dedicated to anime fighting games organized by the great Alex Jebailey and CEO Gaming. This event is 3-day event starting from September 27, 2019 up to September 29, 2019 in Wyndham Orlando Resort located at No. 8001 International Dr., Orlando, FL 32819, United States of America. Organizing 16 Tournaments and garnering 999 Entrants, this event pretty much shows that it is one of the biggest events not only in the country but also in the world.


The SOULCALIBUR VI tournament of the event managed to receive 54 entrants or “otakus” around the country. Out of those numbers, 8 reached the final part of the event which includes Party Wolf, Jetstream Sal, MTFighter and Count Ravioli on the winner’s side while the loser’s side has Cry-Wolv, Rids, TectalEastside and Aerisu.


When we are talking anything anime-related to SOULCALIBUR VI, there are a few characters in the game that comes to mind right? But no one can beat Groh in terms of anime cliché and gameplay. We could all even thank him for making the game a part of this Anime 2D-focused event.

Fortunately, this tournament was able to feature a player who plays him as well as being the MOST otaku-ish person in the top 8, Canada’s Aerisu. This guy had been feeling the power of Groh in his body the whole tournament and was living the moment every time he gets a win.



Aerisu’s Groh

This was plain to see in his first match against TectalEastside’s Xianghua in which he won dominontly using Groh’s rush attacks and damaging Soul Charge teleport attacks. However, his path fell short against Jetstream Sal’s Siegfried where even though he put up a great fight till the last round, he unfortunately lost against a better opponent. Still though, with the passion and love he showed during the tournament, he looked more like a winner than anybody.

The Fighter, the Wolf and…the Ravioli

MTFighter, Party Wolf and Count Ravioli (who is CLOB in disguised btw) were basically the stars of the night.

Left to Right: Party Wolf, MTFighter and Count Ravioli

The first match between this three happened in the winner’s quarterfinals where MTFighter’s Xianghua was up against Count Ravioli’s (he’s CLOB) Astaroth where MTFighter convincingly won the set 2-0 by overwhelming his opponent with Xianghua’s faster attacks and movements.

Unfazed, MTFighter got a come-back win against Party Wolf to reach the Grand Finals

The second meet-up was in the winner’s finals where MTFighter met the favorite to win the tournament, Party Wolf (who just defeated Jetstream Sam in the previous round). This started to be unsuprisingly in Party Wolf’s favor when he started the set 2-0 using Cassandra’s strengths to overwhelming pressure. But MTFighter, unfazed, might have taken advantage of his two losses to read his opponent and applied his adjustments. Using interruptions and poking strategies to halt his opponents advances, MTFighter baited Party Wolf to make continuous mistakes where the latter started flailing which the former took great advantage. With clear results, MTFighter took the set to a 2-2. Party Wolf then decided to use his inner otaku and used Groh. But even with the anime character, he lost the final match and was dropped to the loser’s finals.

Count Ravioli’s Bullish Astaroth

With MTFighter waiting in Grand Finals, his next opponent will be decided on who comes out in the loser’s finals. The said finals was between Party Wolf, who had the chance to win one set to reach the Grand Finals, and Count Ravioli, who just had an undefeated streak against Cry-Wolv and Jetstream Sam. Despite the two being close in terms of game performances in the tournament, the match turned out to be one-sided in favor of the Count Ravioli’s Astaroth in which he won 3-0. With his relentless assault of bullrushes, grabs and witty Ring Out mix-ups, Count Ravioli was just too much for Party Wolf, who found himself distracted from his devastating loss against MTFighter during the winner’s finals. Now Count Ravioli proved himself more than ready to have his rematch against MTFighter. But…

The Raviola stood as the winner against the Wolf

The Fighter Reigned Supreme!

MTFighter’s Xianghua was dominant all throughout the tournament

Where most Xianghua players dropping her in favor of better and easier to use characters, MTFighter stayed and took the harder path of mastering the cheerful lady. This perseverance and determination showed up in this tournament where he showed not only his knowledge and expertise but also the character’s potential to dominate a tournament.

Facing against the streaking Count Ravioli who hungrily needed the rematch, MTFighter not only stopped the menacing bull but also tamed it. The whole set was largely in favor of his Xiangua in which Count Ravioli, even with all the momentum in his favor, never found an answer. Even the last match where Count Ravioli tried to stay calm and play conservative was ineffective against his opponent’s mastery of the match-up. Showing everyone how to effectively play the character, MTFighter proved to be the unstoppable one and was crowned champion of CEOtaku 2019!


Photos from CEO Gaming


MTFighter – Xianghua

Count Ravioli – Astaroth

Party Wolf – Cassandra, Groh

4 – Jetstream Sam – Siegfried

5 – Aerisu – Groh

5 – Cry-Wolv – Azwel

7 – Ridz – Cassandra, Tira

7 – TectalEastside – Xianghua


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