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EVO JAPAN 2020 : Kayane interviews SoulCalibur VI Producer and Director

author image by kayane | News Soulcalibur Community | 0 Comments | January 26, 2020

Hello everyone !!! I hope you’re doing well and you had a great time watching EVO JAPAN 2020 ! I had the chance to be there and have a long time discussing with Motohiro Okubo (SoulCalibur VI Producer) and Yoshinori…

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SOULCALIBUR VI v2.02 Patch Coming on December 17

author image by Storia | News | 0 Comments | December 17, 2019
SOULCALIBUR VI v2.02 Patch Coming on December 17 The SOULCALIBUR Twitter page and Producer Motohiro Okubo announced on Twitter the release date of V2.02, set for Tuesday, December 17, 2019. The patch will cover some gameplay changes such as the... Read more

SOULCALIBUR World Tour 2020 is Announced!

author image by Storia | News | 0 Comments | December 4, 2019
SOULCALIBUR World Tour 2020 is Announced! Bandai Namco and French pro player Kayane has announced the SOULCALIBUR World Tour for the 2020 year! SOULCALIBUR VI will be the next Bandai Namco fighting game that will receive a world tour alongside... Read more

The Top 25 SOULCALIBUR VI Player of Season 1

author image by Tselelleb | News Soulcalibur Community Tournament | 1 Comment | November 30, 2019
The Best of the Best! Considering that the Season 1 of  SOULCALIBUR VI had now come to a close, we listed down the top 25 most successful players in the E-Sports scenery of the game starting from Major tournament East... Read more

Season 2 will launch on November 25th !

author image by Benjamin Beziat | News | 0 Comments | November 20, 2019

We’ve all been waiting for the news to drop and here it is : Soul Calibur VI’s Season 2 will start on November 25th ! Yes, next Monday ! This second season will first start off with a patch that brings along a…

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The Legend Chronicles: 8th Soul

author image by Tselelleb | News | 0 Comments | November 2, 2019
The Eight Soul The unknown eight soul You all thought we’re done right? Nope. We at the gives you the real finale of the “The Legend Chronicles” by showing you the notable players who has the highest chances of... Read more

Brand new moves will be added to each character in Season 2 !

author image by Benjamin Beziat | News | 0 Comments | October 13, 2019

Fresh off the heels of SEA Major 2019 and its amazing finals, Bandai Namco revealed one of Season 2’s most defining features : brand new moves for every. Single. Character ! Have a look at this short, but very action-packed…

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Motohiro Okubo interview with DOT ESPORTS

author image by Tselelleb | News | 0 Comments | September 25, 2019
Motohiro Okubo, SOULCALIBUR VI's producer and a fan favorite among its players, sat down with Dot Esports for an interview regarding the events occurring within the game. Some questions he answered includes how the community had helped in making the... Read more

PATCH 1.51 IS UP !

author image by Nagromm | News | 0 Comments | September 3, 2019
Hello everyone ! As you can see, Bandai Namco and Motohiro Okubo, the producers of the game, have officially released patch 1.51 !   The full patch contains : "Game System Adjustments We fixed unexpected issues that may affect battles... Read more

SoulCalibur 6 Season 2 DLC Speculation

author image by Soulcalibur Community | News | 0 Comments | September 1, 2019
Hey Hello everybody, Hayate EIN, here ! Here's my new video about the DLC characters from the upcoming Season 2 of Soul Calibur VI ! I decided to give you all the informations that I have and try to guess... Read more