Soulcalibur Community Team

SOULCALIBUR Community is a Fan Website made and managed by Kayane, Maxi, Tselelleb, Benjamin Beziat, Uwucos, Storia, Skeiider, and Hung.

We are proud to make this website for every players and fans around the world which main goals are:

For Players

 “Community Highlights” to regularly highlight the notable things that’s happening around the game

Bring the community together

To Show the World how big our community is and to
help each other and play together to further popularize the game.


Provide the latest news, patches and updates to anything surrounding the game.


Interested to learn the game? We could help you by providing you the best guides for newbies and some pros alike.

Creating such a website involves huge costs which spending revolves around the following:


Domain name & location where is hosted

Wordpress & Xenforo

WordPress is for the website. It’s Free but we use a Premium Theme.

Xenforo is the forum and the licence is quite expensive.


Multiple Plugins like Twitch Stream on Homepage, World Map … are based on Premium Paid Plugins which we customized to give you the best experience.

... COFFEE 🙂

We are extremely active on Soulcalibur Community as you can see.

So for sure, any donations will be used to buy coffee (and tea for Kayane ;))


We will welcome any support and donation you may give! Whatever the amount, know that we will always be grateful!