Blink Fighting Fest 2019 Results and Summary

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Blink Fighting Fest 2019

Blink Fighting Fest is an annual FGC event organized by Blink Esports featuring various seven premier fighting game tournaments. It was held on September 28, 2019 and ended on September 29, 2019 in Salón de Eventos Sambil along Sambil, Av. John F. Kennedy, Santo Domingo 10413, Dominican Republic.


The SOULCALIBUR VI tournament of the event received a small number of 24 entrants, however, it still featured some of the country’s best players. The individuals who managed reach the top 8 of the competition consisted of Camilo/WGH | Jacksalien, Nando El Duro, Rayvrc and MGR | NovaMage on the winner’s bracket and Mitsu, Eliezer, Mespower and Magic on the loser’s bracket.


The Rematch

After Camilo/Jacksalien handily defeated Nando El Duro to advance to the Winner’s finals, the next winner’s top 8 set was between NovaMage and Rayvrc, who had a previous rivalry during Game Over 2019 in July where they fought each other during the Winner’s Finals and again in the Grand Finals wherein Rayvrc won. After more or less two months since their last match, will NovaMage have his revenge or will Rayvrc continue his dominance?

During the first match, Rayvrc used a surprise Cassandra pick instead of his main Ivy to match NovaMage’s 2B. This proved a bad decision though since NovaMage pretty much dominated their first match 3-0 having complete knowledge on countering every move Rayvr used with Cassandra.

Rayvrc then decided to stick with Cassandra in the second and despite putting more of a fight where he adjusted his game to match-up 2B’s overwhelming attacks, NovaMage just proved that he is more mentally prepared for their rematch and clutched out a victory to win the set.


The winner’s finals

With Rayvrc being ousted out of the tournament by Eliezer’s Geralt during the loser’s semis, NovaMage was now the favorite to win it. But standing in his way was Jack Salien’s Azwel in the winner’s finals who proved to be a difficult opponent.

The winner’s finals match was very close between the two wherein NovaMage stayed with his usual 2B strat of overwhelming his opponent while Jack Salien tried using Azwel’s longer range and more damaging attack. The set then reached to 2-1 in favor of Jack Salien, but due to NovaMage’s mental toughness, he grinded out and was able to get clutch victories in the next two matches to win the set 3-2 to reach the Grand Finals.

These two great competitors then met again in the Grand Finals after Jack Salien defeated a great Geralt player in Eliezer 3-1 in the loser’s semis.

Jack Salien

As an adjustment in their previous match, Jack Salien tried to use Raphael in order to match 2B’s offensive repertoire. However, even getting close using the fast fencer, NovaMage won the first match with a devastating Critical Edge win.

Deciding to stop experimenting, Jack Salien returned playing Azwel in the second match and despite starting having a 2-0 deficit, he managed to narrowly avoid a sweep and won three straight matches. Unfortunately for Jack Salien though, NovaMage immediately went back to his winning ways in the third match and defeated the Azwel player 3-1.

Their fourth match proved to be very close two wherein it reached a 2-2 standstill but with Jack Salien having a 2 full guage advantage against his 2B competitior, he valiantly held on to even the set 2-2.

Not wanting a reset, NovaMage decided to end the set in their final match. With flawless and relentless 2B assault, Jack Salien had no answer against NovaMage’s determination to win the match. With a final combo punishing Jack Salien’s mistake, NovaMage got the last hit and celebrated winning the tournament.



With a good history of dominating the SOULCALIBUR scene (former World Champion OmegaDR everyone?) and featuring great performances from players like NovaMage, Jack Salien and Eliezer, this tournament showed just how talented and competitive the community can be. Saludo Dominicanos!

Credits to NovaMage and Blink EsportsRD for the pics!

For the video, the top 8 matches are in the comments of the Youtube video.


NovaMage – 2B

Jack SalienAzwel, Raphael

Eliezer – Geralt

4 –  Rayvrc – Cassandra, Ivy

5 – Magic – Raphael

5 – Nando El Duro – Talim

7 – Mitsu – Mitsurugi

7 – Messpower – Sophitia

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